A Bad Happy Ending

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Watched a movie the other day. The movie was quite good from the start to the climax part but the ending…

The main actor stabbed in the chest and fainted.

The actress pulled out the sword, got cut in the waist, killed the bad fella and collapsed on the ground.

The actor woke up, walked to the actress, carried her up and walked away.

…. sigh. Movie these days…

Sometimes a bad ending can ruined the whole movie..

Come share what movie you watched lately with bad endings. Maybe I can try to avoid them XD

This is not a good ending too..

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  1. What movie you watched?! sounds so stupid…hahaha..

    Its okay actually just the ending a bit off lol
    btw its Reign of Assassins

  2. i know this movie…… u no watch propaly… the guy he heart on the otherside… so no kena die die… his body everything opposite … gurl only stab the chest not the heart.

    Hahaha i did.
    Even though there’s no heart there , there’s still lungs..
    how can one person have the energy to carry another one with a punctured lungs..

  3. Haha…totally understand ya. How I avoid bad endings movie? read up the synopsis first..haha… i know it kills the suspense, but what to do, dont wanna feel disappointed at the end of the day. 😀

    Hahaha… i see i see

  4. This ending sounds familiar. I had watched “Buried” recently, it gave me a “WTF” at the ending as well, but I think the ending is okay. XD

    The whole hour in the coffin right? XD

  5. LOL.. Like tat oso can @.@ I think I got seen such movie before but I can’t remember the name of it edi.. such ending is so ridiculous isn’t it? haha..

    I wouldn’t mind if they walked side to side slowly away instead.. XD

  6. How come the actors naked one?

    Hahaha they’re not. I jz happened to fill my black&white characters with skin color.

  7. Haha… before i read the comments, I was already guessing you’re taling about reign of Assasins…
    But then again, I watch that movie for Michelle Yeoh, so i’m still ok with the lameness… LOL

    it was good just the ending.. a bit over 😛

  8. LOL … at least the lead actors where cute? and did they showed some mussslessss XD

    no muscle but good action..

  9. Avoid season of the witch, Skyline, warrior’s way and Paranormal activity 2. All total fail except for the last one which is just plain scary XD

    Okay I will skipped them but then again I watched skyline d 🙁

  10. haha..yea..this is reign of assasin. they have this kind of poison that make u look like dead bt nt dead.. lol btw, love the quote of that 500 years.

    Hahaha bingo.
    ya but she did stabbed him with a sword and punctured his lungs 😛

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