Incy Wincy Spider with Miao

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I don’t know why there’s always stuffs dropping into my drinks and food.

So I was having my dinner the other day, and ordered a jelly drink. Then, comes a spidey drop into my drink. :/

Last time, there’s ants then there’s this lizard’s poo and now an incy wincy spider…

The only difference is….

I don’t even know it’s there till I finish almost all the jellies in my drink. :/

Did anything drop into your food before?

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  1. omg!!! i hate to find insects in my food.. hopefully u wont have a phobia to eat food outside again ^^

    I have no choice to eat outside 🙁

  2. lol.. so far dun hv living thing drop inside my food.. but i found a dead fly in my fried rice before… T_T
    And my friend accidentally ate a cockroach before, it’s even disgusting!!


  3. LoL. maybe strands of hair ? always me ==. once was eating vege.. then.. pull out the hair while the veggie still inside my mouth. disgusting ==.

    uhm, once my mom was having dinner, a lizard just randomly jump on her head then on her shoulder lol.

    suicide lizard?

  4. Hows the taste of the spider? XP im sure its good source of protein and gives u energy ( bear grylls )

    Lucky I saw it before I accidentally scooped it with the jellies and put in my mouth. XD

  5. the incy wincy spider is so cute hehe
    I once found caterpillar in my dish, disqusting

    Caterpillar means the vege is fresh 😛

  6. i once slurped a chicken soup… and after the bowl was almost empty I saw dead cockroach at the bottom of the bowl… i drank essence of cockroach T_T

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmyyyy *fainted again*

  7. got once i bought chap fan with steam egg dish. finishing the egg oni i saw 1 fly died inside..

    Ekk!! it’s scary when you found something out after finishing the whole thing @@

  8. hair, worms, rubberband, and medium-sized cockroach(twice!!) found in my hostel food when i was eating halfway :((((((

    What a list O.o

  9. ya… my sis got the caterpillar in her dish…. and IT’S ALIVE!! >.<

    Meaning the vege is fresh and the caterpillar also like XD

  10. theres ants usually habitating thewatter dispenser of my fridge… with time we kind of accepted the ants in our normal day diet XD
    more protein! yum … lol

    Lol XD more protein..

  11. I once got an unknown bug in my bak zhang (Rice dumpling) =.=
    I bite it into half & find it hard to chew then baru realize >~<

    Half??!!! *fainted*

  12. mine was a spider too ,but i manage to spray my drink all over my collage before i swallow it XD , oh yeah Happy Chinese New Year Miow ,sorry i forgot your angpow hehe ^.^”

    No sorry, I want ang pow hahaha

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