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The other day, MonkeyHao visited Melaka with his foreign friend. Since I’m in town, I met up with them and brought them around the city.

The new foreign friend was a very curious fella and was very interested about our culture and history. Thus, asking all sorts of questions about our country.

And our basic understand couldn’t match up with his questions as some of them were even harder than our secondary exam questions. @@ And he wanted the exact date for some happenings in our country and not some approximate time or period. @@

But thank God, there’s a museum around the corner to answer all his questions..

and ours too. XD

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  1. LOL. same goes to me but its not bcoz of i skipped de class but i getting old jor cannot remember well T.T

    don’t say like that..
    it means i’m old too

  2. WEE!~~~That’s my favorite subject!!!
    Tapi I failed math…keke

    if only they have more pictures in it then it would be way better.. XD
    I failed math too but scored in my SPM lol
    and made my math teacher almost dropped her spectacles XD

  3. I always open history book den fell asleep after reading first page LOL! If orang putih come, I ask them makan kacang putih LOL

    Kacang putih also hard to find nowadays XD
    give them the book next time hahaha

  4. same goes to me!!but still,,i’m not interested in history XD

    I like history nowadays..
    I will go google and wiki once a while XD

  5. LOL! I was in Melaka 3 days ago for college activity, and we found some free time after 1pm everyday, but we dono where to go, so we visit shopping center everyday. Eww….
    should ask u to recomem some de~

    there’s zoo , museum and places to go ler..

  6. LOL…i scored in history (hafal saja the facts) but i totally loathed it…
    i often fell asleep reading history…

    WAhhhh i’m bad at memorize stuffs TT

  7. my history quite OK wo.. but geography.. I always forgot the name of the road, area and etc; even the places in my hometown- Penang..

    My geography is better than my history 😛
    but I had problem with my geography teacher..

  8. HAHAHAHAHA I never liked History classes at all and I couldn’t really be bothered. Plus, even if I paid attention, I doubt I’ll still remember those facts.

    But wanting only the exact dates is a bit too much right? LOL.

    History itself is interesting ..
    just the textbook …. sighh

  9. Don’t be shy Miao. A lot of the info at the museum wasn’t taught in History textbooks. I was very interested in history back then but there were much more info that I learned when I visited the Malacca Museum 😀

    I also learned a lot that day at the Museum XD hahaha

  10. During SPM, I got the worst result for History compared to the rest.. I hate remembering dates!~ =3=

    Same here hahhahaha
    oh wait..maybe is my moral subject.. hmm

  11. haha lol. but yeah, foreigner friends are always interested in the history and culture of the place they visit!

    Same like how we are when we’re in other countries XD

  12. I’m a fresh, newb teacher teaching history (f1 & f2), and I can honestly say I’m studying history harder now than I did back at secondary school.

    But students don’t seem to appreciate the extra facts that I provide them (outside the textbook) nor do they enjoy the activities I do in class, like acting out historical figures.

    It’s very discouraging to a new teacher. I’m trying to change how lessons are taught, but students seem to like the traditional methods…zzz

    It’s great to see you draw about teachers Miao ^^

    Traditional method eh.
    You can try using pictures and make it funny then probably the students would like it?
    well i will hehehe

  13. i did that toooo shhhh… but school history doesnt really tell the real history, so dun need to waste time to listen lahhh 🙂

    hahahaha true also but need it to pass the SPM ler

  14. I never skip history classes but I also cannot remembr all the stuffs I read >.< Bad memory =\

    But I'm proud to say I have better knowledge of my country then most blur sotong xD

    fuyohhh.. good student XD

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