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I hate Joo.

To the one missed call me in the middle of the night, I hate joo!!!

Not sure who that fella is since the number is not in my phone list, if he/she happens to be someone I know, I’m so gonna gave him/her a good scolding of waking me up. >< RAWR!!

Anyway, I’m not really a good sleeper. Things like lights, sounds from dripping water, radio, people talking, snoring or car alarms from far just keeps me awake. :/

Hmm but total silence keeps me awake too, I need to sleep with the sounds of the fan. XD I’m a weird cat..

Eh, I believe I’m not the only one who needs fans to sleep in. Come raise up your hand 😀 if you’re the same. kekeke


Working my Life off..

Being pretty busy lately. Both in the office and at home.

So please bear with my slow update ya. 🙂



Anyway, while waiting for me to have time to post up a proper post, here’s an interesting video for you to watch 🙂

Do enjoy it ^^. Till then.


Btw, you can save this up and use it as a msn profile pic 🙂


Miao Getting a HTC + Iphone + WindowPhone7?

to create my own Smartphone..

Its’s not an Android or an Apple but a combination of 3 Different OS in a single phone! Oh yeah!

Okay I rephrase, 3 different OS (screenshots) in a single phone. XD

Hahaha.. recently everyone around me is getting a smartphone. Unfortunately for me who is working as an office boy, I couldn’t afford to get one, so I came up with this idea of making my own Iphone/Window Phone 7/ HTC look alike phone. 😀 Kakaka..

Now to scam someone with it.. 😛

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