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  1. i wanna go visiting to ur house… whr izit? XD miao’s t-shirt and merchandies as ang pau ok liao~ haha

    Somewhere near inti college but then i already back in Melaka

  2. hope you have a happy Chinese new year!! i wish for you and your family to enjoy a prosperous year of happiness, health and wealth! 🙂 all the best for the year of the rabbit ^^

    Well thank you ^^

  3. Lol Smexii Miao in fish net stockings XDD

    Hey, thanks for the Twitter tip. I tested them and they worked great! So now I have to make some rather fabulous background for my tweets 😀

    hahaha you’re welcome ^^

  4. hahaha
    according to the vietnamese zodiac, this is not the year of the rabbit, it’s the year of the CAT!!!
    did you know that Miao? xDD

    what ?? really???!!

  5. haha. xD sexy 😀 btw happy playboy year miao! how’s kuching? :))
    do update on your visits :DD show people why do we love Kuching so much :PP

    Kuching rocks!! will update bout it later ^^

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