Last Night in Kuching

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Yes, eating, that’s what I do 80% of the time here. My stomach is full and round the whole time when I’m here. Having 5 healthy awesome meals per day (normally 2 only in Melaka) , I think I gained a lot of weight over this 9 days of holiday. XD I don’t care, Kuching food is a must eat 😀 Too bad I didn’t manage to complete my food list 🙁

By the way, Sorry for the lack of updates as I wasn’t around the PC the whole time. I was either accompanying my dad for some quality family time or hanging out with my buddies. I hardly can sit in front of my PC for more than 10 minutes.

Don’t worry, I have many stories to share after this. Will update properly when I’m back in Hell ya, I mean Melaka. 😛

Today’s the last night here, my home sweet home. *starts kissing the floor*

I’m so gonna miss it again.. *sob sob*

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  1. hahah! don’t worry miao. maybe not being in Kuching is good for you, unless you want to end up like Garfield 😀

    I won’t mind XD i want kuching!!!

  2. haha. xD your blog inspire me. i used to think living outside the country is o-so-amazing, but reading your blog just tell me that, Kuching is Heaven. 🙂
    and when i think about it, yes, Kuching is heaven 🙂

    Kuching is
    hahahaha XD

  3. still lucky laa, im in the hell [house] for the whole holiday week. never go out. even to look at my cats. but luckily, my cats always come in XD

    own house or what?

  4. the floor in kch taste different from the one in mlk meh? XD staying away from kch makes us appreciate her more ^^ if we stay in kch (like back in the days), i don’t think we’ll feel like how we feel now 😛

    that’s true 😀
    we will see the awesomeness of Kch when we’re away tho some still doesn’t appreciate it 🙁

    btw Kch tastes sweet.. home sweet home…

  5. Haha, my gf just got back from Kch a few days ago, and she misses it dearly d! Love the sarawak laksa only if the prawns are big and fresh.. yummy,wanna go find dat uncle again d nz tm I go thr

    hahaha… suddenly i craving for White Lady

  6. hahaha, I feel you.
    btw, hello. 😀
    From Kuching too and now in KL working. Everytime go back to Kch sure have this list of food to eat before going back again. lol.
    Kuching ppl will always miss Kuching. X(

    hahaha yep!!
    but not all tho. 🙁

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