Back in Kuching: Miao meets Tata

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You know you have not being home for a long time when the family dogs start barking at you.

T__T This is very embarrassing… getting barked by your own family dog.

Can’t blame him anyway since this is the third time we met. XD The last time was like 6 months ago. @@

I doubt he remember me/my cat scent.

but good thing…

He’s actually a scarey cat and easy to bully. XD

I think he will remember me after this meet up. Hohoho…

This is not consider as animal abuse right?


can you guys put down your phone?


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  1. bwahahaha..
    i used to have a family dog too..
    he’s black and have a scary looks.
    but same like your tata.. he is a chicken..

    sadly, he died, my momma told me that he might be poisoned by nearby neighbour(s) T^T

    oh my πŸ™
    tat’s sad..

  2. Haha, same like mine, we had a black stray dog sleeping in our malacca home, we go back once a fortnight. Long story short, a stray became our guard, and since he is a stray, going back once in awhile to visit him is no problem, he can find his own food, though sometimes our cousin helps feed. So, he will bark and bark, but run when u get closer.

    But he is nice, my toy poodle once went and eat his food, while he was eating! But he shared!!!

    That’s sooo generous!
    my two dogs are super stingy 1

  3. I have a dog too but he is not like tata he fought 5 dogs at once but lost


    my tata also like fightings but only win in a one on one fight and runs when there are more than 1 dogs lol

  4. I feed my dog everyday and it started barking and wanting to bite me… I’ve been like watching him for over a few years and it bites the finger that feeds it…. T.T sad..

    πŸ™ there might be a reason behind it..

  5. my yoshi too…is actually mine and bf dog schnauzer + king charles (mix breed) due to my mother dun like furry furry thing so i have to put her at bf house now she barks at me and my bf as bf only see her 3-4 months for a week and me almost a year din saw her…T_________T

    but thanks to her good memory…she still can remember me…just need to take sometimes talk to her…==

    well, if you grew up with her.. she definitely will remember..
    same thing with me and my previous dog.. I visited him once a year too and he always remembers..

  6. huhuhu my dog is somewhat like that too… when the person he dont know is behind bars (outside the gate or inside the house) he’ll be brave… once the door is open… he’ll run here and run there…. then bite that person’s leg (a friendly bite…not hurting u but still painfull >.<) then run off again =.=… now he don't dare doing it already… coz i rub some tiger bulm on my legs wahahahahahaha

    hahahahahaha tiger balm XD
    jahat lar u

  7. Hey miao i got a question,
    how long does it take you to make a post like this?
    thanks! πŸ˜€

    Kinda long.. πŸ™ Especially deciding how should i express it, how should I draw, which angle.. etc..
    even after I decided, i tends to change my mind when drawing them out..

    As for this post..deciding on how to draw this post took a few days d.. (only can think about it when i hv the time off from my work)
    and the drawing parts took roughly 3 hours coz i keep on changing my ideas.. lol

  8. We also have a dog. He’s always very giddy and greets me everytime I got home ^^. Our cat greets me as well. Its amusing everytime those two race to greet me first ^^

    Oh myy.. reminds me of my old days.

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