Miao&Pafu helping out at Home

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Moral of the day: Remember to check all the ingredients before you cook.

Hahaha… Although my Sweet and Sour Crabs failed miserably but still I did manage to come out with Sweet and Spicy Crabs …somehow. LOL

Anyway, what matters the most is I manage to help my Dad out with the chores. Lalalala~~ *Happy Son*

Oh! For those who are interested to cook, here’s the recipe. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, you can try cook something for your loved ones too 🙂

Oh and try not to forget your ingredients..like me. 😛

Lastly, I wish all couple out there a Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂

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  1. Wee~~Miao can cook!!!
    but grandma said if you got angry while you’re grinding it’ll turn out to be more spicy XD
    Anyway Happy Valentine’s Day ^^

    that’s why the crab is spicy hahaha

  2. Hahaha….next time u cook for me ah…wanna try the different version of Crabby ^ – ^

    Happy Valentine to everyone la….why only to couples….so sad lo 🙁

    hahaha see when free lor 😛
    coz single one can go celebrate single awareness day XD

  3. wow!! cooking meow!!

    any ideas of sweet snack for valentine?

    anyway. happy valentine day, meow~ ^^

    Sweet snacks eh?
    hmmm… you can try making some dessert

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