Where did Miao got his ideas from?

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I got them from….

Yes, I  put a pillow on my head when I’m drawing/thinking of ideas. I’m a weirdo I know. 😛

Hehehe…Well, I saw this question from Yixin, so thought of answering it 😛



By the way, come and be my thinking cap tonight and vote for the one you wish to read 😀

– The Dogs

– Beach

– Hatyai  (wanted to finish the post badly but kinda backdated)

– Cafe


cause I can’t make up my mind which to post next. ^^”

Comments 31

  1. take it easy… post all in a shot…ahahahaahaha…cant wait to read till my tummy filled with laughter =D

    but not funny one wor.. how?

  2. LRT!! I read there’s one Singapore blogger will sketch the person that sat on the reserved seat when he’s taking the MRT, and post it on his blog.



  3. LRT~~ i wanna know whats ur experience. Make my duff commuter life a little bit colourful…

    Lol more than 10 ppl wants to know about LRT XD

  4. Cafe and LRT =D

    Current status:
    LRT = lost count
    Hatyai = 5
    Beach = 4
    Cafe = 2

    no one wanna read bout my dogs 🙁

  5. EHEHEHE. LRT!! 😀

    Oh btw ! after LRT then hatyai ba! cuz if not ur hatyai post will just end somewhere and then slowly it will be gone and miao miao will never post it up EVER. LOL

    You understand very well hahaha XD

  6. i thought some did vote 4 ur dogs…. and all he said is ‘WOOF!’ hahahahaha
    i vote for ur dogs, lrt, beach and cafe XD hahaahaha

    hahaha XD

  7. hey, miao 😀 paw 5!!
    another weirdo here..i did the same thing too…i’ll put the pillow on my head when i need to concentrate on something..*memorizing notes especially

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