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  1. LOL~ This happened to me XD Except that she was not pregnant but an old lady =3= It felt super awkward

    Super awkward right >.<

  2. LOL!! seriously i feel like put a paper bag on my head if this happened and saying “this is not awkward at all” many times. haha ;p


  3. this sometimes happens to me too.
    i had always let the old lady to sit, but some of them, instead sitting on the sit, they give their children to sit there.

    so kind mother.
    but, im heartbroken TAT

    hahahaha mothers..
    its good too..

  4. I know how you feel! Used to happen to me when I took the bus, but usually they were elderly ladies in my case! Always insist that they take the seat anyway cos you’re getting off soon.

    They insist they take the seat?

  5. my story to share. a friend of mine offered her seat to a lady. she said to her,’sit lah aunty.. u should sit cause u r pregnant.” and the aunty replieed, “im not pregnant….” T_T

    wahahahah very funny XD
    poor lady , sure heartbroken

  6. aiks…so kesian >.<… the worse case i saw was ppl pretend to sleep instead of giving the seat to ppl who needs it =/

    Those ppl deserve to be poked in the eyes

  7. Miao too good to be bullied 😛 you should be a tiger ma, roarr back at the pregnant auntie, den she sit down lol

    Cannot ler.. she’s pregnant..
    later scared the baby inside

  8. lol, tried once, then i dont care i just stand beside her or walk off. if someone sit on the place,people will stare at the one not me . ehehe. most of them will naturally sit down if you let give them the seat.

    That’s a good solution

  9. ooh…miao..I can imagine your feelings..haha.. so pity you.. That is why sometime I am afraid to sit at corner of the door.. Very awkward situation..hehe.. But at least you try.. XD

    Now I seldom sit d XD

  10. Wakakaka poor Miao. I think you should have just stand so that the lady will just sit when she see that you don’t sit lol

    Yealo.. should have do that

  11. hhaha.. did e actual convo happen tt way?

    perhaps nx time u cld say “it’s okay, im getting down at the nx stop”.. hahah.. or u just walk away fr e seat and grab the poles or sth lor.. if e seat is vacant for a while, im sure she will sit down 🙂

    but tt mommy is so weird.. if ppl offered moi a sit, i’ll sit down st away.. hahahha!

    haha the actual convo? nope.. just saying je..
    well.. i think maybe its hard for her to get up from the seat.. that’s why she choose to stand.

  12. this happened to me too in a crowded bus. not pregnant lady, but a pair of ah ma n ah gong. I stood up n offered the seat to ah ma, but ah ma wanted ah gong to hav it. ah gong refused and then ah ma got angry after afew bouts of pleas for ah gong to sit down and told me, “he doesn’t want it, u sit down.” i obeyed and feel so soo sooo awkward. (-.-“)

    Hahaha what a couple XD

  13. hahahaha happen to me also =.= ask them to sit they dont want… huhuhu

    Sob sob..
    (hug and sob together)

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