A Day at the Cafe

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Note: Suppose to be Hatyai and Beach posts but those two are such a long posts, I only have the time to prepare them over the weekend ^^”


The other day, it was so hot at home, I decided to go to a cafe to do my work. With great luck, the waitress there was quite a charming girl… and I ended up… *cough cough* concentrate on my work..LOL

Can’t help it, male’s instinct.

All boys are the same… =.=


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  1. LOL…. girls also like to see leng lui =P btw, do you design miao t shirt too? I’m big fans of Miao ..haha

    hahaha.. yep 🙂
    omg!! thank you

  2. TALK TO HER!!!!
    how much can you lose at the end? xD
    haha, we’re kinda in the same situation
    good luck haha

    Don’t want.. :/
    Not interested to know

  3. I must thank you for having this Miao’s blog… xD it always brighten my day!
    Please tell me how to order Miao Tshirt? and what design do you have? i want to get one…or two, or three… haha.. and do you have other products too?

    Haha just one design ^^”
    First design..
    Will try to release more stuffs if the reception is good.

  4. hahahaha… my comment is totally irrelevant…
    I’m amused by the line “super duper whooper burger hot afternoon”… next time I’m gonna quote that… LOL. hahaha

    anyways, then you have to find a place where there is no leng lui s to concentrate then? XD

    Hahaahha yep.. back in my room

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