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  1. Wuss! 没有用!Haha。

    I find it appropriate that you tag this as outdoor, because you are literally standing outside the door. LOL.

    Retag it to rant 😀
    Really geli ma cockroach..
    super dirty too.. imagine the numbers of germs on it @@

  2. I HATE THEM TOOO!!!!!!!!


    Too bad, they are invincible..
    even survive the Ice Age @@

  3. xDD hehex. you don’t fail lah 😀 no one said cats should NOT be afraid of cockroaches… but if it’s a mouse… then… 😛

    Cats shouldn’t afraid of anything! rawr!!

    ok except afraid of getting wet…
    (p/s: we actually pretend to be afraid of dogs)

  4. Aiya, there’s nothing wrong / “fail as a cat” for being afraid of cockroaches. 😛

    Cats shouldn’t afraid of things like this..
    especially small moving things that can catch and play with XD

  5. me too! had one crawled on my leg last week! I sprayed the whole room with Ridsect and ended up being kicked out of my room for 30
    minutes.. >.<

    I afraid it’s still there..
    my dad ever sprayed one directly at it in the face for one whole minute.. and it moved after half an hour.. :/

  6. Try having a FLYING roach sitting on your fan, ready to jump on you if you make the slightest movement to kill it noooooooooooooo T^T

    Argh!!!! noooooo

  7. for cockroach which cant fly, it’s juz a normal insect which u can finish it off by stepping on it… BUT FOR THOSE WHICH CAN FLY… arrrggggghhhhhHHhhhh~~~

  8. aiyak… in the lift ah… no way to run.. next time u’ll have to bring along a bug spray along hahahahaha XD

    But I don’t spray bugs 1 wor

  9. i also scare of cockroach…whenever i see one anytime any place i’ll scream or run away even it is in public and everyone is looking…in penang my hometown i’ll scream and call my mum while i stand on sofa with mosquito repellent or what so ever i can grab to protect myself…my mum really super duper mum in the world…she can catch can play with it…==”””

    while off to study in UTAR, when i see 1 cockroach whole bottle of mosquito repellent sure will let me spray finish if no one stop me…*scare it will not die*…

    Same like my dad.. he kills them with his bare hands.. hmm actually with his thumbs XD

    in your case…i’ll ask someone catch it or off to mini market buy mosquito repellent and spray it…wait another round only go in…=D

  10. I’m extremely afraid of them as well. wonder why do they exist in the first place.
    And worse, my hostel area has loads of them.

    Hv to ask God about that XD

  11. haha… remind me to oggy n cockroachs anime – dee dee, marky n joey
    meow patut cari oggy utk dapatkan tips menghalau lipas!

    Best cartoon evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  12. awwww… it’s ok Miao… my bf is a 29yr old 6ft tall guy n he also freaks out at cockroaches… which is really funny to see… cos he’ll b standing in one corner pointing at it n telling me pls go kill it… so cute… hahaha…
    my weakness is lizards… cockroaches i’m fine… unless they fly… >.<
    tip: my mommy said putting pandan leaves helps… cockroach dun like nice smelling places… mommy said onie la… i dunno work or not… 😛

    Ehh serious??!!
    will try that one day 😀

  13. especially those flying one’s! it’s as if they target u! they never fly away, always TOWARDS u!

    wahhhhhh the scariest of all!!!
    A LEVEL 99 Cockroach!

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