Hatyai 3: Temple Visiting and Food Hunt

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Side note: Sorry for any Grammar mistakes. Was updating this since 4am and now I need to rush to my office ady. Will correct them when I’m back 😛

As requested, my Hatyai post!! 😀

Still remember this little stall from my super duper old post on Hatyai?

You can refresh your memories here and here ^^”




So after a long blur search for food, we finally found this stall..

selling.. Fried Fortune Noodle Meat? huh?? (reading from the plate in the photo)

Maybe that’s how it is called in Thai for…



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or Fried Kueh Teow.

The kind uncle told us that this Cha Kueh Teow is good and famous in the area.

Guess what, it was pretty good and very different from the one we had here in Malaysia. Normally, we prepared our Kueh Teow with black soy sauce but this stall fried it with a  lot of sesame oil making less salty and smells really good.

Beside that, we bought some otak-otak and kuihs from a Thai lady.Both tasted not bad. The best stuff we had was this fresh sugarcane served with metal cup and ice. 😀 Our savior from the hot burning weather.


Actually, when we arrived at the stall, we though we won’t be able to order since..

It was a very funny moment, we were so hungry and thirsty but we did not know how to order.

We were like: ” hmmmm.. ehh..  (then look at each other)

hmm eh… (look at him)

(then look at each other again and starts giggling and thought we gonna die in hunger) “

Then, out of sudden..

The fella speaks Hokkien (one of Chinese’s dialect). Oh My Goose!!

That’s when I feels that Hokkien is awesome XD.


After the lunch, we went and had a tuktuk ride again.

I kinda like tuk tuk ride. It’s bumpy and I like it when the cool wind blows on my face. Well, since Hatyai not really a big city and not that polluted, the air is still quite good. 🙂

I’m not the only one tho. Pop also enjoys it. 😀

But sometimes..

it’s kinda awkward too.


After a few minutes ride, we arrive at the most famous temple in Hatyai..

(the only place we know of Hatyai)

Beside this, there were some other temples around but we’re not sure what temple are them..

After lurking around the temple area, we headed back to town and it started to rain..

Good to cool down the crazy hot weather and also for us to take shelter, rest and have some tea break.

Yep, that’s our tea break. RM20 per bowl and taste exactly like jelly. =.=


After the tea break, we went lurking aimlessly around the town again and eventually found ourself at the Hatyai Train station

Not much findings there and we hit the streets again and found ourself a small food street beside the main road..

Everyone was getting excited especially who was dying to try Thai food after watching countless travel shows. XD

My motto of the day: Try every single food in my path..

First up, Jellies. Coconut jelly and pandan jelly.

I like the coconut one very much 😀

I have no idea what is this called but it’s nice. It’s made from flour and tasted kinda sweet. There are three types you can try, one without any toppings, one with corns and the other with green chillies toppings.

After that, we went to this stall and bought some deep fried meats. I don’t quite like it, the meat was hard and it tasted like normal deep fried chicken. Hehehe…I was expecting it to taste more very spicy and very Thai.

The coconut on the other hand was good and very cheap. RM2 for the whole thing. Something like this will cost you around RM4-5 in Malaysia.

Actually, I failed to follow the motto as I did not manage to try some of the stalls there. They either selling in a big portion, looked like the stuffs we had in Malaysia or just didn’t look appetizing at all. 😛

Craving for more food. We hit the street again trying to find another street with plenty of stalls..

We went into a hotel nearby and asked for some directions but turned out…

he had problem understand the map as well.. XD

Told you the map is not helping at all.

In the end, he gave up and asked a tuktuk to bring us to a famous restaurant in town.

This time, we got smart and try ordered with  Hokkien and it works perfectly. Hohoho..

and this is what we ordered..

First dish, chicken stir fry with hotdogs, black fungus and nuts. Tasted so-so.

Second dish, Tomyam! Oh yeah~ Having Tomyam in Thailand, it’s like having Penang Laksa in Penang. 😀 And it tasted superbly good, not too spicy like the one I had in Malaysia, the sourness and spicy was just purrfect.. *meow*

Third dish, asam fish. If not mistaken, asam fish is a Malay dish but some how it was the restaurant’s signature dish. And it was really something out of our expectation, we never expected it to be that..

This yellowish coloured asam fish soup was the hottest and the most spicy thing I ever tried. It was burning hot. Just a tiny tablespoon of it made us all sweat like no tomorrow.. we even finish a whole box of tissues over it. @@

None of us can really stand it except..


Seriously, he didn’t sweat much , and was enjoying it very much. I also noticed some Thais sitting at a table next to ours were having the same dish but they did not sweat at all too. O.o  Gosh..*salute!*

Next time, if you happen to be in Hatyai, you can try visit this restaurant and order this Asam Fish. 😛


Well, that ends my first day in Hatyai..

Well, this was how I spent my first night..

in my toilet T3T

*trip to be continued*

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  1. Haha…love your blog…
    looking for the “like” button…sigh…u should add the “like” button…
    then i’ll “LIKE, LIKE, LIKE, LIKE”!

    hahahaha thanks 😀
    don’t have the like button 🙁 but i do have the fan page button 😀

  2. I see, I like tomyam, but i din’t try the asam fish last time. I din’t really encounter any spicy food as the tomyam i tried there was sweet. Must challenge it one day haha. So far the most spicy dish I have la mian from my hometown, they use half bottle of chili paste per bowl.

    hahaha i think the asam fish also nothing to you since the tomyam tasted sweet for u XD hahah
    wahh the chili paste no need $ 1 hahha

  3. Hokkien rocks XD

    I cant stand spicy food as well but i juz love them XD …so friends always c me crying and sweating like hell but still keep eating the spicy food lols

    can’t tahan but like it eh

  4. Hahahaha I like the way you used your comics to depict your trip lah!! 😀

    And btw hor, you “censor” your face also no use, pOp already posted your face in his blog hahahaha 😛

    That one not me ler..

  5. Yayyyyyy!! Finally! lol jkk
    It looked like you had a lot of fun!
    I want to visit there one day *day dreaming and then realizes never gonna happen* o.O

    Hahaha then I suggest you visit the much more famous places like Bangkok, Phuket.. etc 🙂
    Aww.. start saving now, you might be able to visit soon 🙂

  6. Thanks for this post! First and only time I was in Hatyai was 12 years ago when I was in Form 2. I’ll be going to Bangkok in Nov. (Forced by sis T.T) Will try to look for the food you mentioned in this post there!

    I think there’s lots more to try in Bangkok 😀
    p/s: careful of the drinks there, its super duper sweet

  7. OMGee. tomyam. 😀 i want. xD can’t find a good one in Kuching tho. >:( almost no where serves tomyam, and even if they do, it doesn’t taste tomyam-ish. haiss.

    Go Betong 😀
    The Tomyam fish really thumbs up

  8. hey south thailand where 40% of thailand citizen are malays..thats y we often see kelantanese getting married with thais

    Ouuuu which explain the asam fish

  9. i have this friend…he often eating not very spicy food but still he sweat..so i ask whether it is spicy or not…he said no….i wonder why he sweats…

    Hmm the body natural reflection..

  10. waaai? I didn’t know hokkien works in Thailand! Next time I go I shall try it with my half pail full Hokkien HAHA!

    In Hatyai only..
    not sure all works or not but the stalls I went works.

  11. i LOVE hatyai!! it’s like my 2nd home!
    for the chao keuy teow, you can try their fried meehoon too! thailand meehoon always tastes better than malaysia’s one !

    if you are a seafood lover next time you should pay a visit to their market at night. there is a chinese lady stall selling fresh and cheap seafood! oyster 4 for 100 baht! ^^

    Wahh you go ther so often ar?
    you stay in Penang?

  12. OH MY!!! i want to go hatyai too… (after i go bangkok’s temple dulu) nyahahaha!! then EAT!! lucky cat you :3

    If you going to bangkok then no need go Hatyai d 😀

  13. Eh? Spicier than melaka kah? Wah… Tot melaka was the best bcz they eat almost everything with asam pedas, even roti canai, right? huhu..wat wil happen if the thai restaurant’s asam eaten with the roti canai.. >.<

    Extremely spicy @@
    ya some of the mamak here do serve with some sort of asam fish alike thingy with roti canai

  14. hehe nope. im from Ipoh. my dad just loves lying on the hotel freely and go for massage. it’s one of the cheapest method for a carefree trip =p

    i visited Hatyai almost once every year since i was 15. when you go there during cny period, the atmosphere is even merrier than Malaysia’s cny =D

    woah.. how drive from ipoh to hatyai?

  15. ermm… haha i only slept thru the journey. but actually we didnt drive in. we parked our car at the border, the duty free shopping complex then took their van taxi to go in . that takes about 45 minutes. hehe

    Wah sounds so near @@

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