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Be hold!!! The Supermoon!!

Captured last night around 3am in the morning after woke up by some stupid fella who blasted his songs with his cheapskate speaker and woofer in the middle of the night . :/

It was a bad decision to capture the moon as something happened to us…





The Supermoon after having it’s moonlight absorbed by Miao and WafuPafu.

Comments 33

  1. Last picture was EPIC!!!! hahaha didnt saw that one coming….. Cute Chin~~~~ =D Love your comic very much….. keep on update it everday pls….. so that can help cure my boring life….. =/

    You can make it interesting 🙂

  2. lmao miao transformed (?) XD

    no wonder the night was so bright these few days while i drove down kampung road lols

    Super bright right

  3. don’t worry about that stupid fella who balsted his speakers 😀 if it wasn’t for him, you would have lost your chance to regain your “humanity” xDDD

    I don’t want humanity..

  4. LOL! you become human with full moon? Tho at my place it was pretty cloudy and it wasn’t as super as expected teeheehee

    Hahaha yep XD
    it wasn’t that big.. I saw bigger one but it was indeed very bright

  5. Hahaha! Change into human liao? So need to wait another supermoon to change u bck to Meow??

    hahaha not really.. when the moon gone then change back ady

  6. why people henshin is power up, but you ‘power down’ de xDDD

    No ar.. power up ar..
    Humans hv the highest level of destruction of all 😛

  7. LOL…. werewolf+miao+human????

    didn’t notice the moon either TT^TT shouldn’t have miss it

    Oh. too bad 🙁 it was very shinning

    1. Post
  8. Hahaha funny! Plus,the square part in the last picture makes me really curious! Please please please please please please make the uncensored version!! Or otherwise I don’t visit your blog anymore XD just kidding

    omggg cannot hahahaha XD
    and please don’t leave!

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