How to make your own Yogurt.

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A lesson learnt here that is to always make sure your hamsters remember to help you put your milk/soya in theΒ refrigerator.*koff koff* Hahaha…

Actually I forgot to put my soya milk in the fridge and it turned into a yogurt. I didn’t know bout it until I drank it.

Seriously, do not make your own yogurt at home. Homemade yogurt is not safe. You have no idea what bacteria is making it. It might be bad for the body and health.




on the side note..


It tasted exactly like a normal yogurt. XD

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  1. my cousin made her own yogurt once,but i dont how does it taste.~~
    u drank your lot-of-bacteria yogurt..ahaks!

    You need a clean room to do that

  2. I really thought u want to teach us to make yoghurt! hahahaa~
    when the part “open seal and drink it” make me confused how is that gonna help to make yoghurt.. hahahaaa~~!!!

    Actually yes.. you need to let the air and bacteria in πŸ˜€

  3. O.O… something’s wrong wif miao lols jking

    I did the same thing before but it was soya instead of milk lols

    Same thing here.. mine is also soya.
    Actually i’m not making a yogurt, just forgot to put my soya in the fridge and it turned soya without my notice

  4. O.O whoaaa…. do tell us if you got diarhoea xDDD all the best tho. i don’t want Malaysia to suddenly run out of toilet paper ;D

    Hahahahhaa XD it’s running out d

  5. ah, i think it have the same taste like normal yogurt maybe because it got enough sunlight and the room temperature is good for it. XD
    and maybe good bacteria is making it.

    you can be a rich miao if you make research meh~

    Need a clean room to really make one..
    normal room hv all kinds of germs

  6. A GENIUS! lol

    Another way, left it for a few months in the fridge until the milk passed its expired date. There you will also get a yogurt. xD

    you tried it before ?

  7. Lolx…
    I heard some students do it purposely so that they can drink milk and then yogurt for the next day….(because they dont have fridge at uni)
    I also question how safe could that be….XD

    Don’t think its safe lor

  8. my mom makes yogurt (either milk or soya) at home. but definitely not the way u made it. lol. she said it’s cheaper and better.

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