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The other day was my colleague’s last day in the company and so she asked us to take some photos with her. Strange enough, the camera with face recognition system just would not focus on me. At first we thought it was a glitch or something.

But  later that, we took some more photos with more people, and surprisingly the camera focused on everyone except me. =.= Hmm….It’s either I do not exist or the camera recognition system only recognizes Humans only. ( The system thinks I’m at Cat. Oh yeah!! Hahaha.. )

Not focusing is still okay but imagine if the camera focusing on something that is not even there. O.o

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!!!

Suddenly, face recognition system seems like kinda scary to me.. :/

Short note: It’s actually face detection not face recognition ^^” . Thanks to LongYC for the clarification 🙂

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  1. Hahahahaha! What is the brand of the camera? Maybe the camera八字不合 with you..

    Hahahaha feng sui not ngam also maybe

  2. Hahahahaha, its so hilarous!!! i noticed latest digital camera have this face recognition setting…my camera don’t have….my camera is outdated T_T

    Time to change!

  3. Haha…face detections are not designed to recognise a cat’s face perhaps… XD

    hahaha meaning i’m getting more like a cat

  4. It’s actually face detection not face recognition, they’re different.

    And that camera have have equipped with ghost hamster detection.

    hahahaha thanks for the clarification XD

  5. Hmm. My friends and I toyed with the function the other day and apparently, the system only detects big, wide smiles with teeth showing. LOL.

    Oh. I didn’t show any teeth

  6. and my camera deteced my face but it showed “someone has just blinked”
    my mata sepet and it said i closed my eyes really fml ==

    wahhh what camera is that?

  7. I think maybe Wafu and Pafu blocking the screen… they actually stand in front of you… that why the face detection failed ^^ hehehehe!!!!

    oh! no wonder!

  8. Wafu and Pafu was standing in your head … that’s why the camera detected two unseen object on your head …

    Ghost detecting camera XD

  9. LOL when that happens I always wonder if there’s something ‘else’. 😛 ORH, maybe because you shy so u didnt smile so they didnt detect teehee

    Nat~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *excited*
    i did smile………. like a silly..
    maybe the camera doesn’t like my silly face 🙁

  10. nikon .

    if not mistaken this issue has been brought to the newspaper. the asian were making complaint to the nikon company for the sort of discrimination of our mata sepet haha

    I know there’s a news about some racist camera.. not sure is the same case or not

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