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Seven Morning Eight Morning

That happens when your bed is next to the window. XD

P/S: “Seven morning eight morning” means “Early in the morning”.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed having birds singing  but just not 6am in the morning beside my ears on a Saturday morning… =.=

Hehehe… in matter of fact, from where I came from, I have birds singing outside my house every morning and evening and when the night comes, the crickets will be chirping while the fireflies blinking their butts. 😀 I love it so much.

Just hope they won’t turn into sounds of passing cars and honks after a few years… ^^”

And no, i did not eat the bird. XD


By the way, do remember to vote for me at WOWW contest ya. You can vote once every day. 😀

Just head to the page, sign in your facebook, insert the anti spam word and press vote. ^^

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Thanks soooo much!!! ^^


Miao&WafuPafu 4ever and Ever

Woohoooo!!! Miao&WafuPafu is 4 years old!!

(Read: 2nd year and 3rd year here)

As always, a very BIG THANKS to all my readers and supporters for all these years!!! You guys have been soooo supportive!!! Thanks!!

Oh ya, sorry for the slow update lately. I have been very busy lately with works and more works. I promise to make more post in my coming days. 🙂 And I have so many plans ahead for Miao&WafuPafu!! I might come out with my second shirt design. Kekeke…

If you’re wondering about the first design, well it’s gonna be release soon. So stay tune ya.

Hmm..Before I leave you guys with a video of Miao version of PopTart Cat and go to sleep (it’s 2am right now), a super duper whooper burger Thank You again to everyone’s support!!

Enjoy the vid 🙂

Lyric: Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya~~x100


On the side note, I just joined this DiGi contest. If you have the time, kindly go vote for me ya 😛 (said with thick face). It’s an award contest where the most voted participant of that categories wins.

Although I feel like my chances of winning is low but at least I try, right?

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Thank you sooo much~~~~


Miao and his Chocolate Bar

I actually lost my chocolate bar after helping my colleagues and boss out.. T___________T I remembered I was holding to it when they ‘re looking for me but it just gone!!

Till now, I still have no idea where I left it and also whose pencil is that… :/

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