You Think This is Your Father’s shop?

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 16 Comments

The other day, I was having my dinner in this shop and noticed these three oldies sitting and chating from three separate tables. =.= Sitting as if they owned the shop.Β At first, I wondered why don’t they just sit together, then they would not need to scream to each other when chating.

But later that, I found out it IS their shop. O_o

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  1. It’s fun to talk like that. Loud and clear. Everyone can hear it. hahaha

    lol i dont mind if they talk about their bank account numbers and pins lol

  2. kikiki~
    doesn’t they noticed u while u’re taking the picture??
    maybe there’s just only few customers so they think they are not disturbing the others XP

    Nope.. i pretend I was playing with the phone kekeke

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