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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I’m super tired but I haven’t reached your level. 😛

    I really dream a lot, sometimes I control dream, and some dreams continue the next day XD

  2. reminds me of a malay song title: Umpama Mimpi Dalam Mimpi by Baggio Damasutra I think ur dream must have been sweet, unlike my friend had a nightmare in the dream within the dream during our exam season. When she woke up, the ghost popped up again in her false awaking state, and she cried bitterly until she finally woke up for real.A practical joke by the ghost for stressful students-that’s what my father said :-S

    Wahhh that’s scary!!!

  3. Happened to me the other day! I dreamed that I woke up, then it was actually a dream. Then I woke up, then that was a dream as well! 2 layers!

    And when I woke up for real (is this real, btw?), my first thought was, “Inception!” :O

    LOL XD

  4. WAHHHHHHHHHHHH… I BLANK dreams one. just like blackboard. nothing when i super tired

    I seldom sleep without dreams, only once and it was bad, it was like no sleeping at all but i was super energetic the next day

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