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  1. give me a 5..i sometimes have trouble of swallowing the pills…my sis even laughed at me T_T….i am failure in human civilization, i guess

    Failure in human civilization is a good thing 😀

  2. Try positioning the pill as far back your tongue as possible. Or put it at the tip of your tongue. Usually works for me.

    put very behind d but it just roll over there lol

  3. *raises both hands* guilty as charged here!!

    sometimes I chew on my medicine.. and I can see funny expression from ppl around me seeing me chew my medicine.. like those “yucks” or “eww” faces.. lol

    hahahahah XD

  4. hahaha, same here. but i owex pull out the powder from the capsule before i eat it. but differ case with pills, i tend to crush it into powder before taking it. ;P

    maybe you should try these method later. ;P

    They say its not good to pull out the powder..

  5. hahaha maybe u pull out the capsule and take the powder or if tablets chew it then swallow 😀

    Doing that makes the medicine not that effective

  6. the trick is….

    You put the capsule on the tip of ur tongue (front!)
    Gulp in a mouthful of water (not too much, u need to swallow it in one shot).
    Twirl or “rinse” the water around ur mouth so that the capsule gets “mixed” inside the water.

    Swallow the water all in one shot while twirling the water. The capsule should go into ur throat without problem :).

    Ouuu.. I always try to put behind my throat^^”

  7. i nvr had this problem until yest.. i drank the whole bottle of water, d medicine still thr >”< making me like a bloated goldfish today! AND u posted this today! ahahahahah.. so coincidentally!

    hahahahaha XD

  8. I used to be like you then a friend of my mum taught me a way.
    Put some water in your mouth (not too full of course) then put the pill in and swallow it together.
    If that can’t work, then use the same way but drink more water after u popped the pill in. You will swallow the pill easily.

    It work wonderfully for me XD

    normal size pill is okay but capsule a bit hard ^^”

  9. with capsules, after u have a mouthful of water, tilt your head forward (not backwards) then swallow…. cuz the capsules float so if u tilt your head to the back, it floats then cannot go down…

    tablets u tilt your head to the back…

    okay will try that

  10. the pharmacist in me while reading the comments is going nooooooo cannot simply open!!! cannot simply crush!!!.. haha….

    hahahaha it’s wrong right

  11. XD.. remind me of my brother.. that’s what happened to him as well.. (oh.. me as well when I’m still tiny tiny that time..XD)

    so now not tiny eh?

  12. Haha. My friend used to have that problem till her mother brought her back to her doctor. He very kindly smiled at her and said “its ok, no need take pill. ” Then he pulled out the syringe and said he could give it to her via injection. After that she never complaint about pills and always takes them even without water. hehehehe. Its all about motivation ^^

    LOL injection hahahaha

  13. *HIGH 5*..
    I always have problem with it so end up I crush the medicine and force myself to swallow it..XD~!!!

    Pills yeah but capsule harder

  14. theres one way… u put some water in ur mouth… throw the pill inside.. swallow th epill with water.. then drnik more water

    Was trying that way but end up drinking the water hahaha

  15. SAMMMME! I always have that phobia, I cannot swallow pills at all! So my way of swallowing pills is to swallow it with food. Bananas, rice, snacks… I think its in my brain, as long as my brain knew I’m swallowing ‘Food’, it goes down easily =D

    hahahaha imagine it as a food..
    oh wait, no one swallows food 1 ler

  16. direct opposite here. i swallow with ease. in fact, i can even swallow with 1 spoon of porridge. lol

    tat aside, no1 notice your last strip of comic where wafu pafu put on rubber gloves joke ah? i guess prostate examination is not something common in malaysia for ppl to understand the joke.

    hahaha yealo.. no one notice that wafupafu at all XD

  17. I’m ok with pills but cough syrups kills me.
    With pills: Hold your breath before sticking the pill in, take a big drink of water and swallow everything down. I find that holding my breath makes it go down easier.

    Syrups is okay ar..
    just swallow it

  18. i also had the same problem.. but i learnt how to swallow pills when i had to take 4 different types of medicine (all capsules) every 4 hours for 1 month…. hahaha

    Reminds of my friend who need to eat a lot of medicine like you too @@

  19. Same here!
    Try to swallow it down with the water! just try to force it down with the water.
    I can Swallow using that method but end up, having a stomach full of water 😛

    ya but only the water is going in

  20. HAHA sameeee 😀 sometimes even after i’ve swallowed it, i’ll vomit it out -.- wtf then i’ll get hit by my dad wtfevenmore D:

    wahahahahahahah XD

  21. haha.. i oso cant swallow pills. i’ll bite the tablets. n as for capsules, i’ll open the capsule n pour e powder to a spoon. after tt, i’ll “eat” e powder and faster drink water. haha.. though dey say capsule is nt meant to be opened n consumed. it supposed to go to ur stomach n slowly dissolve the capulse’s sugar coat. haha.. so mafan when we hafta eat medicine everytime.

    tt time i visit doc, he say swallowing pills can b trained de lor.. haha.. muz start wid swallowing wid small pills bah. wished i had learnt how to swallow when i was young =x

    That’s why its hard 🙁
    can break it apart, can pull the powder out..

  22. Haha! I used to be like that. Now I just put the pill under my tongue, then drink water, then the pill will be in the water, then pretend the pill is not there and swallow the water.

    next time i gonna psycho myself that the pills are not there haha

  23. lol..they should design a much smaller capsule to make it more patient-friendly XP

    Agree!!! they should!!

  24. my brother also got this problem but i can swallow without water even.
    u know what? practice when you drink iced beverage. find some small bit of ice the size of a pill and swallow it. i never tried this but hey it could work.

    Oh, but i seldom drink iced beverage.. not healthy 😛

  25. Oh, I have the same problem… I find it easier when I’m thirsty, then I just take a big gulp of water and it sort of “drowns” the pill so I don’t feel it’s there.

    hmm maybe i can make myself thirsty XD

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