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  1. Ask wafupafu to save them. If miao release them, the angry birds will most probably end up as your meal 😛

    bwahahahahaha you understand me

  2. u know…some uncle actually treat those birds better than their family…some uncles talk to the birds like their own kids etc, like a companion. some ppl like dogs, some cats, some like birds. I know of an uncle who gives his bird the whole room to fly around etc…

    woahhh the whole house for them to fly??? that’s awesome!!!

  3. oh well, humans… but agree wif zephy… some human treat pets better den their family…

    btw miao… u eating or jogging?? lols

    u found out?!

  4. Wow they look like angry birds to me XD n the uncle will someday understand them T,T

    hahaha i purposely draw like one

  5. hmm…i staring at the cartoons…
    and all i see is the word jogging and munch much…
    how come jog = munch munch??

    ahem.. *runs*

  6. Mr Miao, i hv two birds in my house (two males actually) they luv to play and sing with me, they r tame and come out of their cage sometimes, and i would sometimes i would let them fly around the condo and once someone living on ground floor said he saw my bird at IKEA and showed me a photo of it! And when he told me that, my birds were on my hand! I think it is unhealthy to just keep birds in cages for 24/7, anyway my cage is pretty big so when they are inside, they hv a lot of space to fly. Birds are playful and social creatures and need time out of their cages for exercise, so if u don’t have the time to take them out of their cages, i don’t recommend u getting a bird. Remember! It takes a lot of effort to take care of birds! Before buying birds, always ALWAYS do your research. Thats all from me!
    Stay safe!
    Lightning and Larry Budgies bros

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