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  1. wah maybe your company got ghost ar. A ghost that like to eat chocolate steal yours :D. Next time, put into mouth and grip it with ur teeth 😛

    jeng jeng!! next time i gonna hold it with my teeth while helping out hahaha

  2. u ate it. u forgot. extreme case of short term memory loss.


    u have exchanged it with 1 of them for the pencil 😀

    but i couldn’t find the wrapping also

  3. Most likely you quickly put in your mouth. ItYou can’t have left it in pockets or drawer

    just the missing wrapping of the chocolate confused me XD

  4. aiyo..kesian miao… but did u reli do the impression when u ask ur boss where’s ur choc bar? lols

    hahahaha no.. but he did ask me what i’m looking for hahaha

  5. ahahaa.. this is a funny post.. love the animation..
    should find the owner of the pencil and you will know who got your chocolate.. XD

    found the owner of the pencil at last but the chocolate not with her

  6. i just read this one and OMG ! so funny expression when you lost the chocolate hahahaha great job miao, and i think you already eat the chocolate and forgot 😛

    I can’t find the wrappers to prove it 🙁

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