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Woohoooo!!! Miao&WafuPafu is 4 years old!!

(Read: 2nd year andΒ 3rd year here)

As always, a very BIG THANKS to all my readers and supporters for all these years!!!Β You guys have been soooo supportive!!! Thanks!!

Oh ya, sorry for the slow update lately. I have been very busy lately with works and more works. I promise to make more post in my coming days. πŸ™‚ And I have so many plans ahead for Miao&WafuPafu!! I might come out with my second shirt design. Kekeke…

If you’re wondering about the first design, well it’s gonna be release soon. So stay tune ya.

Hmm..Before I leave you guys with a video ofΒ Miao version of PopTart Cat and go to sleep (it’s 2am right now), a super duper whooper burger Thank You again to everyone’s support!!

Enjoy the vid πŸ™‚

Lyric: Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya~~x100


On the side note, I just joined this DiGi contest. If you have the time, kindly go vote for me ya πŸ˜› (said with thick face). It’s an award contest where the most voted participant of that categories wins.

Although I feel like my chances of winning is low but at least I try, right?

Click the image below, sign in your Facebook account and click the Like button there. πŸ™‚

Thank you sooo much~~~~

Comments 33

  1. Oh, you stay up to finish this post? XD Congrats and btw, I hate that cat and all the nyaw very much. But at least your is like cuter XD

    Edit the nyanya XD hahah
    thank u thank u

  2. Happy Birthday greetings from Kuching! love your blog! miao wafu and pafu really cheers up my day : ) Here’s to many many more great birthdays ahead and many many more funny adventures of mwp!

    Kuchingite!!! High paw!!!
    Mee kolok sigek!!

  3. Happy 4th anniversarry Meowiee πŸ˜€
    + + I thought there was something extra special in the video, lol, who knew i could only be nya nya nya x100 XDD hahaha


  4. Congratulationsssssssssss Meow Wafu Pafu

    Happy Sweet and Blessed birthday to you three=D

    P.s: It’s gonna be my nightmare after listened to so long nya nya nya NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA song at this wee wee hours…=S

    Anyway…Gambatte neh meow-kun…=D

    hahhaha jeng jeng jeng

  5. it seems so many bloggers made their own versions of dz pop tart cat, n all of them r damn cuteeee!!!current trend eiyh?haha… want to eat dat miao tart in d vid ^^

    hpy anniversary!!!

    Yep hahaha XD the nya nya trend

  6. WHAT!??

    LIKE!?? NO!

    LOVIN IT!!!!

    I’m putting my hopes on you! I love your blog soo much! It entertains me soo much!!! I hope you win!!!!!

    P.S. The other entries sucks! I saw the 1st ranking and it was like… lame! Not funny at all. You deserve the prize!

    hehehe ^^
    thanks for the support!

  7. Seriously annoying lar that video lol, specially annoying when it’s getting faster and the adverse effect when you try to turn down its volume cilaka lol..
    anyway Happy Anniversary Miao!!! X)

    Bwahahahahah xD

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