Seven Morning Eight Morning

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That happens when your bed is next to the window. XD

P/S: “Seven morning eight morning” means “Early in the morning”.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed having birds singing  but just not 6am in the morning beside my ears on a Saturday morning… =.=

Hehehe… in matter of fact, from where I came from, I have birds singing outside my house every morning and evening and when the night comes, the crickets will be chirping while the fireflies blinking their butts. 😀 I love it so much.

Just hope they won’t turn into sounds of passing cars and honks after a few years… ^^”

And no, i did not eat the bird. XD


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Comments 13

  1. Hey you are a cat so eat it anyway! wafu is trying to scare that cute little bird BTW sont eat it XD

    getting rid of my breakfast T3T

  2. Phew…i tot u really mad n nom the cutie bird up@.@wakaka…
    OoO….Fish cap~Miao cap~nice….i like them…

    hahaha i hope i can make one of them XD

  3. HAHAHAHAA seven morning eight morning. Love your title!!
    And i totally understands your feeling btw.

    Five!! 😀

  4. … it’s ok if the birds is chirping by my window every morning…. last time over at putrajaya i got a crow by my window… and guess what… it goes “HAHA!! HAHAHA!!” every morning >.< dammit

    There’s really a lot of crows over here in Penisular

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