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Miao with His Ideas


a failed one.. XD


Flavored Honey doesn’t goes well with Coffee >.< especially Strawberry Honey. Imagine strawberry honey coffee ahahaha XD But the strawberry honey itself is very nice!! Love it max.

Maybe I can try normal plain honey with the coffee next time.

Anyone try this before? honey with coffee..



Cries of Birds

Every time I jogged in the park, I will saw these uncles sitting under the tree while enjoying their birds singing crying in their cages hanged up on the pole. :/

It saddens me whenever I see this. It sounds like they’re crying for help and freedom and the uncles enjoys them. 🙁


Wallpaper: Ahhhh whoooo~~~

Morning everyone!!! Here’s a new wallpaper to replace the Dancing Wabbit.

Just a simple one I made in middle of the night yesterday 🙂

Hope you guys like it.


You get to download them at Miao&WafuPafu Facebook Page


On the side note, do check out this video on Facebook, it is hilarious.

>> Video <<

Have a nice weekend ya. 🙂

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