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  1. previous week always raining dogs and cats….. i only order lunch delivery to office…

    Kesian the delivery guy XD

  2. Call MCD or Pizza Hut delivery

    hahaha but nowadays if the rain too heavy, the McD guy will refuse to delivery

  3. after you become a monkey , you can change your blog website domain :P. Now cat become herbivorous already :p

    oh noooooooo

  4. Awww, I wish it was raining here. It’s been sunny for the past month. Well it is called the sunshine state….

    Oh. same with here.
    It’s burning hot most of the time

  5. Have been following you in my Google Reader, and just dropping by to say that I love your drawings! Reminds me my first Ginger tabby cat “Mymy” ;(

    Woahh hi there~~

  6. dun worry miao, i always eat chickens but haven’t turned into chicken yet ๐Ÿ˜›

    but chicken don’t eat chicken so you won’t turn into a chicken maybe something else? hahaha

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