One day We All Might Die..

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And you will understand why. XD

The other day, the fire alarm in my office went off but there’s not much people rushing out of the office especially the colleagues sitting in my area. Most of them continued with their works and some of them were discussing whether there’s a fire or the alarm is spoiled. :/

Luckily, the alarm is spoiled, if there’s really a fire, I bet we will beΒ barbecued to crisp. ^^”

Hmm..I wonder how many people will actually escape when the fire alarm goes off?

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  1. whoa, I would escape. There was one time when the alarm went off at 2am in my building, we all rushed out of our beds and stood outside in the snow… then we found out it was a fire drill. that happened 3 times in one week.

    you never know if it was the real thing… better be safe and just escape even if it was a faulty alarm.

    Yealo that’s the thing.
    Must run home next time

  2. Let’s it burn. Let’s it burn (modify from christmas song).
    Better safe than sorry. Just run out from office. Then go to “snake” somewhere. buy some drink/food to eat πŸ˜›

    hahahahaahah straight go home XD

  3. Haha, I’m the type who looks around to see whether I can see any actual signs of fire. Or else I won’t budge till someone comes and asks me to… πŸ˜›

    Someone like fireman? πŸ˜›

  4. usually will look at security office, just nearby can view. if u see them running about, then you know you should run too πŸ˜€

    but even if drill or real we have to move, unless false alarm

    like my case, no one runs then all dies XD

  5. Next time,when there’s a fire bell, just run,if it was faulty,just use it as an excuse for free break

    hahaaha run back home XD

  6. so cuteeeeeeeeee..i love this post better…. your blog is getting better and better now πŸ˜€ keep it up!

    for fire alarm, i wonder what should i do since i cant hear…..if ppl running, i guess i will run along heheheehe

    Thanks Eze πŸ˜€
    I will try to improve more..

  7. One day we all might die… the fact is one day we all will die, so the question is, when that day comes, what we going to do?

    Yep we will..
    and also what we will do before it comes..

  8. (Hi~~)

    From my experience, the fire alarm ring only when it’s spoiled; And whenever it’s really a fire, it doesn’t ring… LOL

    So, I may get alerted when heard the ring but not escape immediately

    Wahh that’s dangerous.. @@ if it doesn’t rin when fire

  9. LOL.. happened once in my formal training company. I thought of escape; but those mentors and other engineers were still doing their work. Hahaha.. I think for them, work is more important than life, perhaps?

    Many people treasure work over anything else :/

  10. haha! same case with my current condo. residents won’t panic and don’t even bother to run out from their units coz the alarm system broke down a lot of times XD

    voted! all the best! πŸ™‚

    wahh if real fire then ma all die?

  11. When my office have fire drill, I’ll tell my colleagues I was burnt to death few years ago. (Becos, I didn’t leave the office few years ago when there is a fire drill)

    everyone left beside you?? O.o

  12. … same goes to the alarm here… fulty one… every month sure got 2-3 times ring one… if can i want to run (escape work) but no one is running hahahaha… well lucky my office is at the ground floor… so if real fire juz run outside ok liao hehehehe sempat save bag lagi if not panic hahahahaha =P

    Cannot think like that what if upstairs explode then stuffs drop down and block the exit.. jeng jeng jeng

  13. that night my colleagues were pulling all-nighter… and there was fire alarm (witness spotted smoke in 1 of the floors of our building)…but nobody care coz i think they were rushing for deadlines lols

    LOL assignments is more important..

  14. I’m not the only one who don’t want to walk down the stairs. So, there are many others who “die” with me.
    P.s. My office was on the 17 th floor.

    wahhhhh so high !!

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