Mother got a Fever

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If only that will work and cool the earth.. πŸ™

Seriously, it hv been so super duper whooper burger HOT lately. I’m like sweating every single second, sweating when I’m sleep, sweating when I’m awake, sweating when I sit under the fan, sweating when I’m at the cafe, even sweating when I at the shopping mall… I think i even sweat when I bath LOL

I heard that this heat will continue for another 2-3 months. @@ Gosh, hopefully I won’t beΒ barbecued by the heat before it ends XD

Anyone hv any tips on how to stay cool without an air-conditioner?

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  1. This time around, I hate living in equator climate. I have to shower at least 4 times a day to clean my sweaty body.

    and the sweat comes back after 10 minutes :/

  2. keep thinking the weather is chilling…brain are the one playing major part in controlling our behavior and cognitive…so keep thinking the weather is super duper nice then you wont feel hot d…XD

    Hahah the power of mind

  3. The usage of 2 fans does not help (still make me sweat like a pig), go soak yourself in the icy cold shower for few times a day πŸ™‚

    ceiling fans?

  4. the more u bath the more water u consume…not helping mother nature. using a/c makes it worst cause a/c generates heat outside to cool you inside.

    use what is already available instead such as going for a swim(swimming pool already there whether ur using it or not). another long term alternative would be having plants in your home. for night time, avoid having plants in your room where u sleep. they do consume oxygen at night, except for cactus. they are good to have around as they produce do oxygen at night.

    use less lights. uses less power and generates less heat. you can try LED alternative which generates almost no heat. Try using some solar powered items such as fans and stuff. small things like these do help. drive less if possible. Although our public transport is not something to be THAT proud off, but it’s still better than some other countries.

    for more immediate cooling effect for yourself…slice a piece of cucumber and put in your forehead.
    cheapest method…sweat. after you sweat you’ll actually feel cooler. so don’t bother stopping your body from sweating, you’ll actually heat up even more. so if you do sweat just put yourself in front of a breeze. you’ll cool down very fast.

    if your apartment has evening sun or even morning sun, close all windows and blinds before you head out. when u come home, open all the windows and curtains. allow mother nature’s natural a/c to cool your place. turn off all heat source ie. TV, laptop etc. don’t leave it on if you’re not using. those generate a lot of heat.

    You can also soak your feet in some cool water. this will reduce your body heat too.

    another alternative, take some empty bottles lying around, fill it with water and put into your freezer. voila you just made yourself some portable cooling pads. wrap them in a towel and hug them or put it near u etc.

    Well say. Actually I’m wiping with wet cloth.. and it helps

  5. cold shower before u sleep, go swimming a lot, drink cold water, turn on table fan and keep windows open, wear minimal clothing, shave facial hair and cut hair short…

    I’m trying to keep my hair long.. XD so long never hv long hair

  6. Stop opening Air-Cons…. Its very very hot here in Kuching too….

    Don’t have one to begin with. and won’t open too.. it’s making the earth much hotter

  7. Yaloh here also hot Ka ia si == but drinking icy cold water helps me, n i also eat ice instead of drinking it XD but putting ice in pillow or anything n hugging it helps too πŸ™‚

    Not good for health ler

  8. WUahahah LOL. so funny. i thought its ur mom who got fever. total change in plot.

    my suggestion will be, think this place as in winter and where thick clothing. then u will sweat a lot but a few hours later u will feel a bit cold since the sweat will cold down ur body temperature. πŸ˜›

    Good idea .. but hope i don’t faint when i’m wearing the thick clothing

  9. zephy upstairs has stated a lot of good methods.

    Here’s my share
    That cooling pad you brought, paste it on the back of your neck.

    I just bought a reusable cooling pad where I put on my bed and I sleep on it. cools my back.

    I’ve tried putting the cooling pad on the back of my leg, above my heel. it make me feel quite cold. and I didn’t dare to put it there for too long.

    Certainly did.

    Too much is not good for the body too right

  10. right now, di miri cuaca mendung dan hujan dah turun. sejuk sikit tengah hari ini. jgn jeles ya miao ….

    manyak jeles!!

  11. i thought you want step on cooling gel with your foots… then scrolling down, i found out that the cooling gel is for Earth….i feel kena tricked =_= but your blog is getting more interesting….never bore me…always impress me with your creativity

    Kekeke… thank you thank you.. but the creative juice is drying up

  12. …natural sauna…. hahahahaha

    seriously… its dam hot even in sabah >.<

    Ekk.. time to head to the sea

  13. Need more cooling pad……… HAHA~~~~ The last pic was EPIC~~~~ Never saw that one coming……. lol mother……

    hehehe πŸ˜›

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