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  1. Whats this about.. Im blur.. but anyways i think its creative 😛

    Hohoho.. its Miao fishing over to other “boxes” just to fish MonkeyHao’s wallet 😛

  2. I am blur too.. @.@

    Hehehe 😀
    Actually its like a paradox thingy… I fishing tru frames/boxes to get the hook over my head and fish the wallet 😀

  3. nice 😀 i couldn’t get what is that, but when i read the commments, then i know it’s a wallet. lol . i never seen yellow colour wallets before ;’)

    What to do, Monkey loves yellow 😀

  4. *thumbs up* you are thinking in portals

    hehehe 😀 actually its a hole tru comic frames but yeah portals will do

  5. Creative! Reminds me of my old work. I used to do this before but i made a hole instead. One fella push a guy fall down fall panels high! Oww!

    Falling tru comic frames XD

  6. hahahaha monkeyhao got money or not? later u fish out the wallet empty one. hahahahaha

    Got! a lot somemore XD

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