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Have you ever heard of this where you need to tell others about your dream/nightmare to avoid it from happening? Well, this is my first time… at a very special time. 4am =.=

I don’t know much bout stuffs about this but I remember when I was small, the kids in my neighbourhood ever told me not to point to the moon else I will get a cut behind my ears.  @@

Do you guys know or practice anything like this?

and Oh! you owe me a meal!  You know who you are XD

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  1. what a poor fella…..switch off your phone when u r sleeping

    It’s my habit to have it on.
    In case any of my friends have any emergencies

  2. Lol. Tell that guy to write a blog. That way he can tell everyone around the world without bothering anyone’s sleep.

    hahaha but he needs people to make sure to know it right away to remove the “curse”

  3. OMG!! bout not pointing the moon, thats what we always told each other among my siblings when we were still very young. Just the other day we were talking bout it again. I somehow remember it’s true! my sister always kena when she was young. Guess it only happen to kids? LOL

    It made me thought that the moon was evil. XD

  4. haha! nyan-nyan ringtone! XDD

    i dont really hear people says something like that, but i do have experience, sometimes i feel like having deja vu, and i do believe the situations are from some dreams that i have forgotten and doesnt care, but for the dreams that i care, it doesnt happens at all. . .

    I hv dejavu all the time too :/

  5. lolololol even if one believes the superstition one shouldnt call others IN THE MIDNIGHT to spit it out lol

    hahahaha i really O.o but then again that’s what friends for.. XD

  6. haha.. about the nightmare..never heard of it before..but sounds so funny your fren…XD XD XD

    but the pointing at the moon thingy.. i’ve always heard of it and avoid doing so.. because i kena before..kaka..

    Oh. really got cut?

  7. LOL. Poor miao. That’s why I always off my phone when I sleep. To avoid disturbances as such. Hahahaha~

    What if someone in need of help in the middle of the night?

  8. when i was small, i was told that if i tell lies, then i will get cuts on my ear as punishment for lying!! =.=
    didnt know abt pointing at the moon lol

    Eh. Different one..

  9. i never heard about the moon b4… but i heard that ur finger will be crooked when u point at the rainbow… but then i always argue with my mom that our finger can band one =P

    oh i never heard of that but i heard that there’s a treasure under the rainbow..:D

  10. hmm…u must be sum1 special to tat person as he/she called u straight away after the dream XD

    Close friend xD

  11. yeah, my parents din allow me to point to the moon for d same reason and dun count d stars in d sky as you wil have a bunch of daughters in d future..XD

    Lol This is funny XD
    Imagine one star one daughter

  12. i got the moon pointing thing too when I was younger!! lol .. mom tried to scare me .. really will kena one ah?

    oh and the other one – finish all the rice or else you get husband with pimple face next time .. omg ..

    Hahaha the later one just to make sure you finish your rice

  13. i used to believe in it N O P O I N T I N G T H E M O O N else your finger will cut off but now no more loooo but still i believe about the dream part XD

    Hahaha but why still believe the dream part?

  14. Hmm.. not sure abt nightmare, but for me it’s Deja Vu.

    Like for example when I dreamt of something bad will happen and I get familiar scene in real life, I’ve tried before not to tell anyone and it really happened. The next time I had another dejavu with bad ending, I spill it out and voila, it doesn’t happen.

    Try it?

    Nope, I never try before but i do hv Dejavu and dreams a lot 😛

  15. lol, poor meow. hope at least it was the weekend and not a weekday 🙂

    din know about the dream/nightmare one but as a kid i was told to never eat sweets with mangosteen or u’ll die and to never eat watermelon seeds cos watermelon will start to grow from your ear.

    sweet and mangosteen is true 😀
    you can try put some sugar on the mangosteen, there will be a reaction..

    oh, i hv a different version 1, the watermelon will grow out of the tummy hole.

  16. I’ve heard abt the moon pointing thing too! And also a bunch of other stories. Such as cannot cut your fingernails at night or you will lose all your fingers and cannot play hide and seek at night or the vampire will come and play with you. Obviously none of it was true. Lol.

    True but then playing hide and seek at night is dangerous tho..

  17. I know who she is>.< (and i jz found that very mafan if wanna leave a comment here@.@)

    Woah you’re good!

  18. 10 meals oso no problem la ^^ meow, luv u so much …..yea, dat is me!!

    Kenot. later your bf kill me hahahaha

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