Good Timing

Jian Akiraceo Ofix 15 Comments

What a Good Timing. =.=

By the way, what will you do, if this happen to you? Wipe on your pants and shake?  Excuse yourself and shake?  Just shake?  Wipe on his clothes and shake?  XD hahahah


Another 2-3 more weeks to go  before the contest ends 🙂

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  1. Ew….. I will definately excurse myself and come back later. Beside it will make the new hire remembers me more. XD
    you didn’t told us what you ! yet~

    Just excuse myself 😀
    tho i wanted to shake with the ahem badly LOL
    im bad XD

  2. I’m more interested in knowing what you did! lol

    I think I would just say hi and tell him sorry, my hands are dirty…so don’t need to shake hands.

    I did the same thing 🙁

  3. eww… actually something much better Kuujiryo… Miao!!! Keep wet wipes n anti bacterial sanitizers on ur desk… >.<

    but… if i was out of those items n faced with d situation (actually did it a couple o times but not wit snot), apologise for not being able to shake their hand n jz wave a hello with a smile… works even wen u're on the phone minus d hello… 😛

    do the smile and wave like the penguins ! 😀

  4. I would just say, helly, sorry, on my way to wash my hands, and not shake.. coz ewwwwww germs!!! I dun really like shaking people’s hand anyways.. you never know what they touched before.. YUCK!!

    Ekk! I don’t wanna know tooo

  5. depends on how dirty r the hands lor…most of the time will tell them ”im very sry, my hands r dirty rite now :(‘

    hahaha say that after shake with them LOL

  6. i definitely wun shake!!! i will say “sorry, not to be rude, i dirty my hand jz second ago~ nice meeting you!” XD

    say that after shake XD
    and follow with “oh now it’s clean” XD

  7. ahahhaha 😀 i think i’ll run to the toilet to wash then come back again to shake his hands 😀

    With wet hands oh yeah 😀

  8. hahahaha, i sometimes like you….i standing there with black crow flying….but instantly i wave hand to some1 instead of shaking hands heheehehe

    or give a peace sign XD

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