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  1. This always happened to me!! hahahaha… Cause the cashier thought no people asked them to go first or……. some who are frenz of theirs.. I’ve met once.. so.. frustrated!!

    I think its a Malaysian thing to keep quiet?

  2. I think those morons must failed their math in primary school….
    hahahahha >O<

    failed in Kindergarden too

  3. not dunno how to count… buat bodoh… if i’m in a shitty mood i’d tell d cashier… u knw they got more den 10 items… shudn’t u ask dem to go to d other lanes?

    I ever saw some cashier will asked them go away.. this one didn’t..

  4. this often happens to me…
    normally i’m just too polite to say anything but once I was already in a bad mood…
    and I tapped the person in front of me (with her full laden trolly) and calmly said ‘excuse me, but this lane is for people with less than 10 items’.
    She scoffed at me but got other option as everyone behind me is scowling at her…

    Gosh this people still don’t know they’re wrong..
    good thing the rest are helping you 🙂

  5. If I were the cashier, I’d ask him to choose which 10 items he would like to pay.

    Hahaha that would be awesome XD

  6. didnt the cashier tell the customer to go other counter?? especially when there is other customer waiting behind…

    This doesn’t. maybe the queue wasn’t that long but still..

  7. Waaaaa, I hate those people too…

    One time I saw a checkout girl refuse to serve the person and told them they were in the wrong lane!! HOORAY!!

    Fuyohhh a +1 to that checkout girl XD

  8. it’s because those counters enforce it. Some counters will reject, but most will just keep quiet. so a lot of ppl will just ignore and pretend they can’t see those angry faces behind them. Skin very thick

    Yealo.. some will just keep quiet

  9. or the count the items like this ( that was how 1 uncle argue last time)

    dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, softener – 1 item (coz all for washing)

    fish, chicken, vege – 1 item (coz all frm cold storage)

    milk, cereal, yoghurt – 1 item (coz all consider as dairy product)

    10 canned food – 1 item (coz all oso canned food ma)

    really =_____________=” moment

    What the..
    then might as well count as non food and food :/

  10. maybe the sign is too big to see ah?… cannot read =P hahahaha ya happen lots of time to me… in the end i juz go to the normal casher… and it’s way more faster then that one… in my point of view… normally the one working in the fast lane casher is a newbie… they punch items quite slow ^^’ that’s y they put them in the fast lane … well less items = less mistakes isit? =P

    Could be true also XD

  11. so true!!! and then usually pay by credit card so have to wait some more…

    8 items and need to pay with credit card @@

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