Belated Father’s Day to all

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Bwahahahahaha…I think we’re challenging our dad’s blood pressure XD

This year, we got a new phone for dad and as usual there’s a dinner but too bad I wasn’t able to be there 🙁

Anyway, a happy belated Father’s day to all 😛

I’m sure you guys had a great time..

Well, I did too…

in a way… =.=



oh, Dad love the phone.. ^^

I’m a happy son~~ 😀

Comments 16

  1. So if your dad want a new phone, you won’t get him one??
    My dad always give us hint when his birthday is nearing, and we always listen. hahahha

    Well. that won’t happen. XD
    My dad never says what he wants

  2. There’s a saying where your dad act differently from how he actually feels. 😀 he must be jumping with joy inside x)

    hahahaha XD true true

  3. #outoftopic#protip
    the digiwwwow voting ended already. the time gap is only to prepare for the ceremony and other minor things. but ultimately, no voting anymore.

    🙁 awww… oh well..

  4. awwww! miao this is so unique.

    who would have though you have such awesome siblings.

    i love ur siblings. haha, bring them more in the comic sometimes. love to know more bout you guys.

    Can’t. I don’t stay with them ^^”

  5. Hmm…*getting sidetracked*
    .why are you locked outside your room with only a towel???

    hahahaha coz i was very tired and blur after drove my way back from KL XD

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