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  1. Haha…I was going to ask what if we don’t have an ulcer! What about a DIY-ulcer kit? 😛

    Hahaha i can teach you how to get one~~ 😀
    Just bite your lips 😛

  2. must be eat too many durian recently.. There’s another cheaper way, use salt instead of oral medicine.. u can more awake.. XDDD

    Its been ages since I ate Durians 🙁

  3. u do know that ‘kya’ juz sounds wrong in japanese rite? lols

    I thought Kya is a sound effect in mangas, no?

  4. salt is better, much cheaper, and actually makes ulcer heal faster too! 🙂

    btw I keep awake using a mixture of coffee, talking to people, and stretching myself 😉

    talking helps 😀 especially boss and directors

  5. LOL. the only way you can help with the ulcer is to kiss the person to transfer it. xD

    oh!!! faster introduce someone for me to kiss XD

  6. hahaha drink more water makes u awake too =D…. well it also helps u to be healty by going to the toilet every hour buahahahaha

    Yea, and ended up visiting the toilet very often xD

  7. poor miao, hope ur ulcer gets better soon. hv u tried bonjela cream? quite good…but yea, also a bit painful…

    Its cured~~~ woohoooo *every day i shuffling*

  8. The hearts shape in the ‘o’ of the word ‘ooohhh’ makes it looks like you are enjoying the pain… masochistic? Haha just kidding!

    hahahahahaha XD

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