Miao at the Oreo Daddy’s Dunk Event

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Last Sunday, Oreo organized a Father’s Day event, Oreo’s Daddy Dunk event at One Utama Shopping mall. So I took some time and went over to check it out.

And man, there was a lot of people when I reached there.
Aaron Aziz was already there having some games with the fathers there.

He was trying to show how to get a Oreo cookie in the mouth without using the hands.

One of the fathers took his turn but too bad he failed.

Just right after the game, Aaron received a surprise gift from his two children, two hand made Father Day’s cards. It was so sweet. :)While the fans lining up for signature from Aaron, I walked around and have a look at the place.

Saw a lot of fathers with their children. Some how all of them happened to be daughters. ^^”

Some of them look familiar. I think I have seen them some where before.Β Can’t remember.. hmm

Anyway, saw Cindy there too, taking a photo of her dad with the gigantic Oreo Cookie.

After a while, the Sinar FM DJs came and having more games with the audience and given out goodies bags. I continued to walk around.

Saw this daddy preparing some Oreo Milk Shake.Β Kinda reminds me of my dad when he’s cooking. :’) and gosh I love the SuperDad shirt he’s wearing.

To get the shirt, you need to spend at least RM10 and above. There was a promotion for Oreo at the event, RM2.99 for each roll and a Free exclusive Oreo Cup with every two rolls purchased.

I wanted to get the SuperDad shirt so I bought four but too bad I did not manage to get that design as I need to register before hand for it. Still, I managed to get the Daddy Dunk design. ( the white one)

I even manage to customize it with some drawings XD

It was such a warming event and a lot of families attended it. I saw parents bringing their children for some fun and fathers playing games on the stage just to win some exclusive bags and goodies for their children.

Hmm… how I wish my dad was there. :’)

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  1. was travelling from hometown tat time so cudnt make it lols…nice shirt but i bought my own shirts for my dad lols

    Woahh that’s nice πŸ˜€

  2. Wow! this even is just so lovely! I bit dads enjoy it more than kids hehe
    I liked these cute shirts

    hahahaha yea XD
    the blue one are nice

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