High Tea with the Bird and Panda

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That’s Robin and his photography obsession.

I happened to be in KL for an event the other day, so I met up with Robin and Jasonbefore heading back to Malacca. It’s been ages since we met up, we chat from cameras to food to Kuching, basically anything under the roof. It was a good afternoon tea. It would be great if the Bear was there and even awesome if they brought a GongCha for me.  Hahaha..

Half through the chat, Robin noticed a bug on my head. I thought he was going to help me getting rid of the bug off my head but he went and took a photo of it. *sweat*

Oh well, photography always comes first for him. It seems like we all have our little obsession and passion of our own. For me, it’s drawing. My Miao&WafuPafu always come first XD.

Do you have anything you’re obsession or passionate about?

By the way, do check out the their blogs 😀

The Bird who obsesses with Photography.

And the Panda who obsesses with Food… and Transformer 😛

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  1. Haha! Before I read your descriptions i was thinking that I should comment by asking is panda = Jason? Then I saw u mentioned it already.

    Hohoho means you also recognize Panda = Jason

  2. OMG Jason’s eyes look so scary !! ahahah
    Me no god laaa… just normal human being.
    Next time we must meet up again ya if you come KL ahahah. Or maybe I should go melaka LOL

    Hahahaha XD
    come come.. 😛

  3. hahahaha reli sweat

    i dont know what will be my obsession… havent really found out yet 😛


    Try to find out and let me know 😀

  4. LOL, Starbutt? n Panda dont have sharp teeth ><"

    Eeek sorry about that..
    I never saw a panda before 😛

  5. haha~ photographer~ same as my fren~~~ i like photography too~ but i dont think i’m tat obsessed.. cause i dun think i’m gd enough

    Nothing to do with good or not ar..
    if you like it very much and it always comes first then obsessed adi 🙂

  6. Yerrrr… Chance of meeting u, attempt number 2… FAILED again

    The first one is like 2 years ago?

  7. physically grown up but mentally still 10 years old gal obsession with soft toysXD i’ll name, bed them (queens size bed become single bed for me NOW) *soft toys too much* XD heheheh~i canot control but keep wanting to ‘adopt’ them =D

    Wahh so many~~
    Do collect Miao and wafupafu soft toys kk 😀

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