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A sponsored post brought to Β you by Celcom πŸ™‚

Have no worries.

Introducing Instanet, the no frills, no hassle and ready to go internet access from Celcom, Malaysia No.1 network.Β With just an easy registration process, you can connect to the internet on Celcom network. With the widest coverage in Malaysia and won various awards, Celcom brings you the most affordable prepaid mobile broadband in town.

The Instanet is available in daily, weekly and monthly plans. Check out the chart below for the package and latest promotion:

With special promo, the Instanet Monthly is now only at RM30. (before 15 July 2011)

Get your Instanet from your nearest Blue Cube outlet or Celcom Authorized Dealer nationwide. For more detailed information, please visit

Comments 12

  1. 1st?
    well, since what’s the G did to us the ‘Hardcore Downloader’, i don’t think there will be any good use of this new package or service. The cost is not equivalent to service we got anywhere…..
    Not been negative or Anti-G here…. hahahahaha

    Go google “bypass mcmc” πŸ™‚
    you will like it.

  2. hahahahah…. i like that isolation expression!!!! Can you do a post when one day….there is no internet….. gone forever???

    HAhaha i will do it on a paper and paste it in front of my gate πŸ˜›

  3. … got celcom.. no conputer / laptop how?? >.<

    waaaa waaa~~
    *panic mode hahahahha

    laptop is a must neh πŸ˜›

  4. maio… my laptop is not really my laptop… =.= my sister’s… lol PSP can sambung mah? hahahahha XD

    *how i wish it can connect >.<

    Rampas it rampas πŸ˜›

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