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Was at a cafe near my house the other day to escape my sauna alike room. It was a perfect place to do my work; air conditioned, hot coffee, jazz song, comfy seats.. ahhh.. nice. Everything was just right until this customer came in and start watching his drama series in the cafe ruined the peace and quiet there. =.= How inconsiderate. 🙁

Sometimes I just wish there’s a peace and quiet zone and non-quiet zone in a cafe, just like the usual smoking and non-smoking zone 😛


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  1. you know? i really envy the kind of people that can concentrate even when the world is noisy hell! XD Training myself to be one of that kind! Hahaha… then I won’t be annoyed anymore!

    Need to learn how to filter sounds with our own ears XD

  2. i’ll give killing aura to that fella…if really canot tahan i’ll ask staffs at cc to warm him…*let the staffs be bad side and i’m in good side* hohohohohoho *evil laugh*

    Hoooo evil but clever 😀

  3. yer this kind of people very inconsiderate de lor, want to watch drama bring earphone laaaaa…. want the whole world to watch with u mehhh… had the same situation in empty classroom too… esp when want to do assignment or just enjoy the peace and quietness

    I think maybe he really wants the whole world to watch with him XD

  4. ya la this kind of ppl…watch drama go watch at home la..dun go around and disturb other’s peaceful moment.

    or at least use a set of earphones!

  5. Wah…that’s really rude of the guy. He doesn’t need to prove to the whole world he’s computer is capable of drama play back xD

    Haha pineapple ma.need to show a bit

  6. Go stand beside him and watch with him. This kind of people is very selfish. When he sees someone want to watch too, he will move away, don’t let you watch.

      Maybe I should just sit with him lol

  7. You should keep clearing your throat and/or coughing until he notice. If still don’t notice, snort and make sure it flies to him. Then peace will return (after a tsunami la). haha

    Reply: haha maybe ask wafu go assassinate him XD

  8. O_o”
    How Rude!! To not use headphone when at a cafe watching a movie!?! I’m surprised noone else told him to use headphones!!

    Maybe next time you can take headphones and just block out his noise??
    You totally shoulda used a slingshot on him.. or maybe use straws to spit spitballs at him… kekeke

    yeah , i did that in the end..
    and couldn’t enjoy the jazz 🙁

    hahahaha spitballs XD

  9. HAHAHA what an A-hole!

    I don’t think he could hear the movie anyway, he was just doing that for a show. As if people are gonna be sooooo impressed with his movie of choice!


    Hahahaha well, i thnk he can coz i can too XD LOL

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