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  1. Ouch…so the moral of the story is, don’t celebrate too much 😛

    Hope it gets well soon…My friends recommend Bactidol mouthwash! I haven’t tried it myself though… 😛

    O.o mouthwash?! Listerine XD

  2. Haha~treat it as welcome back ur little frienz Miao (if u don wan let your ulcer getting bigger….drink lots of water n eat more fruits not fried snacks).^^Y get well soon…

    I don’t want another record XD

  3. WAAHAHHHAHAHHAA!!! but that’s guy ma…really eat fast and ‘hot’ foods once they cured…that’s y need another half to take care of them…meow faster go find gf=D

    😛 hehehehe
    intro plz XD

  4. cat eat chicken? ==” never see a real cat eating chicken…btw, welcome back, Mr Ulcer XD~~~~

    Hahaha my kitty love curry chicken ler XD

  5. Aiyo! Do you know watermelon powder? can put on ulcer.
    Can I also ask you what program you use for drawing?

    Yep know that 😀 using that too

    ehh im using Adobe Fireworks

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