Hmm…What was it again?

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Do you ever have this feeling,  a feeling that there’s something you must remember, something you must do but you just can’t seems to remember? Well, I just had that and I still can’t remember what it is.. and ended up drawing this post XD hahahaha and still can’t remember what was it after drawing. XD

Oh well.. I think is nothing very important. Not like the earth will hit by a meteor or what  if I can’t remember it..

or maybe it will because I try to remember it. Jeng Jeng Jeng!

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  1. bet you forgot to go toilet or something like tht… LOL

    I know what you trying to say~~~
    I’m not smelly !!

  2. Haha, that happens to me all the time! But usually it will be something that I wanted to do, then I go and do something else first, and after that I’ve forgotten the first thing I wanted to do :s

    And ended up never do forever ever eh XD

  3. Aikss.. it always happen to me. Sometimes the thing could be very important like my purse (I always left it in my cube’s drawer).. Until I drove back to home and realized I forgot to bring it back…. AGAIN.. =w=

    Happened to me too!!! need to go all the way~ T3T tiring..

  4. ya it happens to me a lot…but more like forgot what to say / ask lols

    and that meteor timer…20th December 2012 ? lols

    Woahhh you’re good! how you know?

  5. Hahaha, same here, i remembered a rhythm of a song this morning, but just can’t remember the title XD

    Oh! happened to me too!!!
    I compose a song in my dream and it sounds good! The moment I wake up still remember but after a while forgot jor!

  6. it happen to me all the times…anywhere anytime=S my mum always so fed up with me and always nagging that i already old even still very young and need some protein to enhance my brain neurons such as pig brain…*yuckz vomit* but luckily i’m not exotic eater so mum just feed my with fish…
    so meow you are welcome go try the pig brain =D

    Don’t want pig brain.. ewwww

  7. It happened to me all the time when I’m younger until I learn a trick to remembering them back. It’s logical so u can try it. Just go/settle back to the exact spot/location with the exact action/motion you’re doing and try thinking again while being aware of your surrounding (looking around slowly) I got it back even hours after I’ve forgotten about it. Try it. You’ll never know if u’ll get it or not. It works for me everytime though. It’s got to do with our brain’s graphical memory bank or something similiar. Else, get more DHA into your diet… XD

    Get back to that point eh.. but i can’t remember when is that point XD
    have to go back one by one

  8. haha ya.. it happen to me some time… even when am on my way to get the thing that i want to use at that moment… then when i reach there…. i’ll be blank… on what i should get in the 1st place… sometimes i stood there for 10 minutes to figure it out =.=

    hahahaha XD
    Hikki, we both old d hahaha

  9. jeng jeng jeng! LOL somtimes i forget too~ and don’t really care about it >U<,but at the end sure somthing will happen XD

    Lol XD know it when something happen

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