The Secret Behind the Handkerchief

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 23 Comments

Seriously, can someone tell me how handkerchief works???

I see those people with handkerchief wipes almost everything with it. @@

From face to hands to mouth to goo to face again, then over the head, the arms, the armpits… and God knows where.

There’s a saying that each side of the handkerchief has its own purpose but it’s just a rumor..

Can someone enlighten me please.. >.<

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  1. Wipe buttocks? XD

    Ok, seriously, depends on people I guess. Some use to wipe sweat. I mainly use to wipe my “cendol” aka flu XD

    O.o cendol.. means its green oh mai

  2. alamak geli-nye…but depends on people how they wanna used it la…for me handkerchief mainly only use for sweats during and after sports

    i think different people use it differently

  3. me toooooooo o.o when people offer me their handkerchief i’ll go :O no thanks.

    you have no idea what they wipe XD

  4. Haha..I have the same thought too. that’s why I just bring the tissue with me all the time. a bit girly though, but so convenient

    tissue not girly ar..
    can be very gentleman 😀 when provide to girls when they needed to wipe their hingus LOL XD

  5. walao gelinyaaa… that’s why i din choose use handkerchief.. i use tissue.. though not environment friendly… >”<

    Maybe prepare few hanky for different purposes XD

  6. I used to bring a handkerchief to school. Mainly for sweat…though sometimes I had to use it when I sneezed. But after that I didn’t dare to use it any more… So in the end I stopped using it for sneezing 😛

    Hey, you wrote “wipe your sweat” twice instead of “wipe your mouth”.

    hahaha thanks for remind me 😀

    wah then if sneeze in the morning then cant use again

  7. one description is that he is not into hygiene……larikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    maybe there’s a trick to it? i dunno 😀

  8. Do you mean. “wipe your mouth with it” rather than having 2 subtitle of “wipe your sweat with it”?

    Yeah ^^” typo error

  9. My father once state that bringing handkerchief is a sign of true man….I wonder if that’s true

    long time ago probably.

  10. That’s why I use tissue. More hygenic! Imagine you use the handkerchief…wipe wipe then you put in ur pocket…

    That’s the trick! all the ewww is in the pocket so can reuse the hanky! 😀

  11. mayb they wash them every now & den…but… hmm…ya it doesn’t make sense to me as well lols…

    by the way, I notice pafu started wearing glasses in ur recent posts lols

    Good eyesight hahaha XD

  12. I have no idea how handkerchief works. I used to put it in my pocket and bring it back nicely when I was in primary. I still prefer tissue paper.=X

    Hahaha bring it but use tissue instead eh XD

  13. Actually I believe that one should have with them both a handkerchief and some tissues. The tissues should be used for nasty stuffs like wiping sweat, nose jelly XP, mouth etc. But handkerchiefs (as i see it) should be the one being used when it has to do with another person(a girl). Eg. Offer a lady friend yr handkerchief if she is wet from the rain. And from what I’ve read, gentlemen use it to wipe lipstick mark on their face. But nowadays this kind of thing happens in the comics and not so irl. Like if you offer a handkerchief to some1 they won’t accept it lol and the gentlemen’s code I mentioned above is an old fashioned one(not many wear so thick lipsticks anymore). But even so, there are a few that still carries a handkerchief around for those reasons.

    I think girls no longer accept the offer d, probably they wil think as how i draw it XD

  14. you made handkerchiefs sounds so disgusting. D: and i don’t use it. i use tissue 😛 less germs…

    😛 all the hanky users gonna kill me

  15. I never used hanky, but once my hanky-using friend *showed* how he used it to do all that you. You have to have a big enough hanky, and fold it twice, this must never be opened until you wash it. Another two fold will determine which side you’ll use to wipe your sweat, hands, mouth etc. But he never use it to wipe hingus though.
    Notes: the hanky must not have symmetrical pattern on any axis.

    woahh the secret is revealed..

  16. Ewww. After I use one handkherchief,I’ll wash it. I think you can do the same too,to keep it clean… or use tissue

    Ya usually they wash at the end of the day. but throughout the day, they seems like use the same hanky

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