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  1. durian is berry yithei! mum drink lotsa fluid after that! or mum some mangosteen would do the trick 🙂

    Mangosteen help? how come

  2. My mum can eat durian with rice…I don’t know how she manage to do that…

    oh my neighbour did that too! 😀

  3. @maerc: my nenek does that too! the whole family looked at her in disbelief coz we never saw someone ate durian with rice + coconut milk + sugar before (except my mom la kan)

    @miao: rugi lor 3 only. I can eat 10+!

    Wahhh sounds delicious 😀
    Make it into durian also nice

    I also want but getting old, full easily

  4. Durian + fresh coconut milk + glutinous rice (sticky rice aka pulut)
    At first I thought the combination was weird, but once you start, you can’t stop!

    *saliva dripping*

  5. You should drink salt water from the durian husk (or whatever you call it, the kulit thingy) to balance the heatiness… hahaha

    The shell supposed to remove away the smell in your mouth, no?

  6. i gave u a tips…after u finish the durian, don’t throw away the skin, pour in some water and drink, u wont feel that heaty…i’ve tried it n it works..get well soon

    O.o Ehh i thought that is to remove smell in breath

  7. walao with this weather some more eat durians…you tot you are superman o??? anyhow try mix some salt water with durians inside kulit there (not with spike one) and drinks after finish eat the durians it helps my family here but dunno will it be useful for you=D

    Its Durian season 😀
    and no, I’m not superman but supercat hahahaha XD

  8. After eat durian, must drink salt water from the shell. lol

    Uh hum. shell water remove flavor, salt water to cleanse the throat XD

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