Two Evil Humans bullied a Poor Innocent Fluffy Cat

Jian Akiraceo Rant 32 Comments

Gargh~!! Got very pissed the other day when two humansΒ just took my parking slot and even laughed happily after taking it.

” So I took out my clutch lock, walked over to their car and smashed the front of their car with it”



Okay, I did not really smashed the car but did it..


Comments 32

  1. yea, this is definitely piss me off if same thing happen. What to do, there’re always some human who lik to take us for granted.

    humans are evil

  2. If this happen to me, i will smash their car without thinking…… Seriously, im not joking……… >_<

    I need someone like you around me πŸ˜€

  3. Humans are evil! Cats must fight back! lol

    attack~!!! *rub the legs*
    *roll around*
    *look at the guy, tilt the head*
    *wash face*

    its not working @@

  4. u shud just take out ur clutch lock and start walking towards them with a threatening look. they sure quickly chao one…

    but wat happen after u stare at them?

    Nothing happened. I just drove away..

  5. uneducated people.. grrr… i know the feeling cuz i also few times kena like that. >_< really2 wanna beat up that kind of people.

    Step on them!!

  6. Hey, why dont you publish their number plate?
    We can have a “human-flesh” search.

    I forgot to remember it

  7. haaiyaaa…i sure curse kao kao *snap the plate number and spread to whole world* let more ppl help me curse the brainless ppl…but they are real lucky to met you. Some ppl might really piss off and get them ‘gomu gomu gatling’ till father mother cant recognize them or admit into hospital…

    Maybe my sense is there, dunno what will happened if i snap XD

  8. The world is liddat la… ruthless people all over the world.. just forget it πŸ™‚ And go home.. take a piece of paper.. draw their name or face.. then use shoe hit xDDDD

    Shoe not enough.. put below the Tyre and ran over it XD

  9. I would had scratch their car afterwords~ The national mint do not create 5 sen coins without a reason~

    hahahahaha true true… coins are for revenge

  10. =.=… if that happen to me while am alone.. i can juz go and ignore them… but if i got my friend in my car.. my friend will be the one to wind down the window… and shout at them with lots of *TuuTTttssss and *TTTtttuuuuTTTTttttSSSS hahahahaha i’ll end up laughing at them as well XD

    And throw baseball bats at them?

  11. miao.. not baseball bats… but pointing at them and show middle finger hahahaha XD

    With metal bat? πŸ˜€

  12. poor miao… tat happened to me and my fren b4… ppl steal our parking even we signal edi b4 they reach…

    oh well, miao, actually u juz nd a key or a 10 cents coin *evil grin*

    hahaha the power of 10 cents πŸ˜€

  13. Omg, You are so nice! if it was me, i would have gotten down the car, knock on their car window n said “excuse me, didnt u see i was gonna park? if they ignored, i will stand there and wait till they drive off.. if they dont n decided to leave their car.. i seriously can guarantee their car will have nice graffiti drawings when they come back…

    woahh i really need friends like u around XD

  14. I would have totally @#$%^&*( their head off. Lol.

    Or much better choice, park your car head into the space first ( and don’t care about your car backside) and the let cars go off first, reverse the park your car peacefully when all cars have left.

    lucky they bumped into me and saved their heads XD

  15. something similar happened to me too.. but in a shopping mall..

    i saw a parking space and wanted to reverse in when a car from behind just drove straight into the parking spot! it happened not once, but THREE times!! one of the driver even had the guts to show me the *peace* sign after getting out of his car… ggrrr….

    WTM!still gv peace sign!??

  16. LOL poor you! Evil humans. Very evil indeed.

    As much as we love to get down the car and give the driver a tight slap, most of us would just drive off. If I were you, I would’ve flashed the signal a few times before I drive off. hahahha

    hahaha if i hv my flashlight installed with rockets i would do that too xD

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