Hot ching!!

Jian Akiraceo Rant 20 Comments

Gosh, my room is so hot chin-chin-chin-ching ……

Even outside of the house is much more cooler than my own room. :/

Maybe I should move my table and bed outside.

Some how my room is really good in trapping heat, it would be the best room for winter…



but we have no winter here =.=

Really hot ching!!! (sweating right now)

P/S: ching = a word to emphasize the word in front of it

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  1. hahaha my office is too cold till u can get frozen…. >.<

    my house is quite not hot an not cold coz my house got sheltered by a giant tree beside my house….

    u go buy air cond lah =P

    Don’t want buy ler.
    1. no money
    2. save environment 😀

  2. same case…my room is so so so hot till you can’t breathe, pipe water also can become hot water even after bathe come also will swt…but outside of my house compound so chilling…but what to do no money to rent air-cond room ma…=(

    Move your room to the compound XD

  3. Oven room? lols

    My small room tends to be hot too. even at night =w=”

    mine better coz it can be quite cold at night

  4. my room also same.. especially after bath and the hot air flow inside my room, it will get hotter!!! surprisingly the condition outside is much more cooler than inside… =w=

    get a fan and blow them in XD

  5. u need to keep ur windows open so there’s ventilation. else heat would be trapped inside the room and its bad for health too.

    Its opened. just the heat tends to trapped in my room.

  6. no windows in the room? open them lo.. 🙂

    Opened d.
    Once i got in my room, it tends to stay there, even I have my door opened.

  7. hahaha! mr. miao! i got an idea. 🙂 what about turning your room into sauna and charge each customer RM2 per hour? u can earn alot of $$$! haha. :DD

    hahaha then you wanna come or not? 😛

  8. sauna… maybe it’s good for u to loose weight hahahahaha =P

    hahaha later ended up like dried fish XD

  9. put those kind of fans they use to suck air from kitchen XD…suck the hot air out XD

    Thinking of gettingone of that XD

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