The Cute Talkative little Girl in the Cinema

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If you have read my (Interesting people in Cinema) post, you will know that i hate it when people starts to talk and makes unnecessary sounds during a movie in the cinema.

So the other day, I was at the cinema and there was this kid kept asking her sister about the events going on in the movie.

As expected, I got annoyed. I turned to them, trying to give them the Stare but surprisingly, the kid turned out to be a very cute little Caucasian-Chinese mixed girl with brown eyes, ash brown hair and speaking in a very fluent but funny Mandarin. And immediately, I was not annoyed anymore.

Gosh I never thought a kid can be so cute that melts a person especially a cat that doesn’t like kids very much.

LOL.. sounds like I’m being kinda bias of not getting angry because the kid is cute.. I’m not..

okay maybe a bit. XD

Then again, can I haz a cute daughter in future??

Oh wait, maybe its not a good thing, I will ended up buying everything to make her happy..

Then again, i need to find a GF/Wife first..  XD

Hmm..sounds troublesome. Forget it, I will just get a cat. LOL

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  1. kid = bankruptcy…small time they may be cute…but as they grow up = monsters – no more cute…and the more we see they grow each day make me think i’m getting old pretty fast T___T

    very true indeed. they turn into monsters at certain age, thats when I don’t like kids

  2. bias bias bias!! xD
    this is why people who say being pretty is useless are the people who are lying to themselves. lols

    its not everything but it does add points 😛

  3. Haha, get a cute cute cat…then you will also end up buying everything for it 😛

    true also.
    hmm..then forever alone I will be XD

  4. aww miao gonna be a good father 😀 …and will bias towards daughter than son XD

    given the fact that there its no cats in the house haha

  5. ya… my friend’s little sister was that kind of cute girls when she was small… likes to bug ppl even when you are watching TV… lol she’ll come.. sit on ur lap… take your hands and wrap ur arms around her (even if you dont want to >.< ) then she'll ask questions (like what that girl did in cinema…) or… she'll spoiled all the fun part of the movies for you like telling you what happen next (if she have seen the movie before) hahahaha XD and now… after 10 years (or so…) she cant remember that she used to be that annoying ^^' hahahaha she's still cute though =D

    hahaha so cute XD
    after 10yrs? university student alrdy.. can court LOL

  6. hahahahaha… yeah, I <3 my daddy, coz he always listens to me, but my mummy's like "NO WAY. CANNOT." hahahaha

    haha its a law when one need to be the good one and another to be the strict one. balance out, so you won’t be a spoiled brat. hehe

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