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It was such a hot evening the other night that I almost turned into Kenny Roger’s Roasted Cat a to death in my own room but thank God, it rained that night!! πŸ˜€

And that night I found out that rain is not a blessing as what I thought it would be because the power box in my house trips every time there’s a rain. =.= Every single time!! And whenever I turned it back on, it tripped again in 5-10minutes as long as it’s still raining outside. What the meow. >.<

In the end, the heat was gone, so did the power and internet. =.= swt..Β Why can’t I just have a nice cooling environment to draw my cats instead of staying up late at night when it is cooler when I supposed to be sleeping and dreaming bout fish.

To you, which would you prefer? To roast to death or have no internet access? I bet 90% of you would rather die than having internet taken away from you XD

P/S: Btw, in case you don’t know, the last image is anΒ imitationΒ of the fuuu face, a famous internet Meme.

Other internet Memes I did : NyanCatΒ and Y U NO faceΒ πŸ™‚

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  1. nice imitation but could be better. Doesn’t look annoyed enough xD

    Yes, could be better. πŸ˜€ but trying to make a slightly cuter one.

  2. I like your night mode! πŸ˜€

    I prefer to not have internet than to roast to death…but then, most of the time it’s still okay with a fan, so…I’ll still take internet! πŸ˜› (I guess it depends on how hot it is…)

    Hot can just stripped XD
    No internet, can’t do anything XD

  3. At least u have either cooling air or internet, here, in hostel, we often have none. When the heat comes, internet might be down too. :X

    Like the cat version of meme.. πŸ˜›

    wahhh both also no have.. @@
    then how you guys survive?

  4. LMAO!!! Gah I love your memes!!! To be honest, I still think I’d choose life over the net but then again thats just me xD Dunno…guess we’ll have to see. Awesoe post btw, IT’S SO FRIGGIN CUTE

    p/s. LOVE your header. Thousand sunny for the WIN xD

    hahaha thanks.
    Life is very perspective XD

    and Thousand sunny the win`~~ πŸ˜€

  5. i dun wan hot neither black out…black out no electric = no electric no fan = no fan means hot ler…T___T no internet still ok with me coz i have torchlight to read books=D. No electric still ok better than no water…i face this problems few times in a month T___T

    wahh in a month. @@
    thats torturing

  6. haha be frank, i cant survive without internet …XD

    same here unless there’s other outdoor activities to do.

  7. So cham ga… have to choose either one… of coz internet le!! No internet is like lost touch with the outside world! I’m okif a little hot, as long as still got fan… hehe

    hahaha exact feeling XD

  8. Get your circuit breakers fixed to prevent this from happening. They’ve probably degraded over the years. πŸ™‚

    I think so too

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