Paper WafuPafu Dolls

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Made this paper dolls couple of months ago as a part of a small token to some of my readers.

Today, thought of sharing it out for you guys.

Check out the ones I had in my office. πŸ˜€

Wafu in a case and Pafu on my PC monitor.

You canΒ Download it here.

Click Click Click

If you do make one, do take a photo and share with me πŸ™‚

Just upload at the Facebook page, here.

Enjoy your paper WafuPafu and have a nice Caturday.

P/S: try print it out in a 120gsm or 160gsm paper for better effect.

Comments 16

  1. soooo cute…like the real wafupafu in ur comic…anyway thanks for giving this to us! love it so much

    glad you like them ^^

  2. so cute….! I’ve got to say, Miao, you’re doing great at this… good job… you’ve got my support…! gambate!

    Reply: thank you so much!!!

  3. Haha, good! Now I can have my own WafuPafu as companions! Though I have to find paper and a colour printer first…

    I agree with Angeltheseaworld…soft toys would be better. And Miao would be better too! πŸ˜› Why is there no Miao cutout?

    miao is a bit complicated. will need some time to get it right.:)

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