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The following post is based on true stories happened 8 years ago.

It was 2003, my friends and I first came to this state in peninsular of Malaysia for our degree programs. We stayed in this corner double-storey house near our campus.

It was a big house with 4 bedrooms, 3 on the first floor and 1 in the ground floor. From what I heard, the house was abandoned for almost a year without any tenant. And they always say ghosts like to occupy empty houses..

At first, we didn’t really thing of it.. until strange stuffs kept on occurring over the time..

It started with a friend of mine.

One night, a friend of mine came and slept at our place. He sleeping soundly when

waking him up..

He didn’t thought much and went back to sleep but..


Jeng Jeng Jeng!! He didn’t told anyone bout it..



Then another housemate of mine starting to encounter some strange incidents where..


Sometimes there’s not even a person at home beside her and her roomates..

Jeng Jeng!!!!




happened to stay in this room and one night, he saw..

she was swinging the baby sling right in the middle of the room. Jeng Jeng Jeng!!

They all did not told anyone about this and thought it was their own hallucinations..


until one day, they happened to talk about it over the dinner and found out everyone had strange encounters.

There are lots more incidents throughout the whole year there. It really wasn’t normal when everyone in the house experienced this..

Well, I too encountered something similar…




stinky monkeys who forgot to bring their keys.. =.=

Seriously, it really gave me a shock when I woke up and found a branch was poking me through the windows and the calls of my name in a very soft voice.. =.= I actually realized it wasn’t a MoMok (ghost) when they started calling my full name and kept emphasizing they’re not ghosts. XD

It was strange as these things never happened again after we moved out of that house. Jeng Jeng Jeng.

How about you guys? Do you ever encounter any weird or supernatural stuffs like these?

Please don’t tell me. I don’t wanna to know. >.<




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  1. hahaahahaha!! U make me laugh in front of my lappie again! So cute la your housemate..the way how thy wake u up.. XD

    yeala.. XD
    they afraid to wake the others up

  2. LOL.. a lady swinging the baby sling is definitely scary!!! I didn’t have such experience before; but during my first year and 2nd year and even 3rd year (if not mistaken), there were some news on our uni student died in 7th month. Like a curse~~~~
    1st case: A fella attempted to climb back to his room (18th floor) because he forgot his key, and accidentally fall down…
    2nd case: A Indian girl committed suicide by jumping from the same building of the 1st case because of love problem. Wore in RED..
    3rd case: A guy committed suicide because of stress.. Drown in sea..

    Well the first one is creepy coz my housemates know him and he went to our place a week ago complaining about this strange scratch marks on his body.

  3. omg the baby case is creepy!!!! n also the way ur hosuemates tried to wake u up!!! why never call ur handphone instead wor > <

    hahaha coz there were other two roomates and afraid to wake up them up XD

  4. lol~ this is a nice one! I had one experience too! one night when all of us are studying in the living room (we stay condo, rooms are small, so our tables are all in the living room) my fren, lets call her S decided to go out. After she just slightly open the door, she quickly close it bac and run to my roommate, L. Then L open the door slowly and then quickly close it bac too! So they called me and I went there n have a look~ they open the door slowly for me to see, n I saw a girl with freaking long hair sitting in front of our door. We tried to call her “excuse me, excuse me!” but she dint answer. So i shouted “Hello!”, she turned back, look at me without expression. I ask her “what are u doing here?!”. n she say… … … “I’m waiting for my fren~” (her fren stay next to us~) ><

    Wahhhh super creepy lar..
    moral of the story: tie the freaking hair up!!! XD

  5. oh, about some house again, I once read about this one house at Shah Alam which been said is haunted, the story is epic scary that I hardly can sleep that night XD
    never have my own experience, and I thought the one calling you is some cats XDD

    hahahaha if its a cat that its more creepy.. XD
    a cat that pokes @@

  6. y r u asking if u dun wanna hear? XD… and i tot it was my illusion… since when u redraw luffy at the background??

    hahaha coz can answering whether you experience or not but not in details XD

  7. hmmm i’ve experience some too… when i was over at putrajaya.. i rent a room to stay. when it’s around 12.30am – 2.00am…. i always hear someone living upstairs move/drag the furniture around. it’s quite annoying coz the sound is quite loud… i always thought if i have a long stick i’ll poke the ceiling hehehe but i dont have one so i juz ignore that… until one day i stayed up late chit chatting with my house mate… and we both hear the sound… and so i complained to her that i heard that noise every night… and that time she keep quiet until the sound stop… and then she told me that there is no one living above us…. >.< WTH!!

    Jeng jeng jeng!!!!

  8. oh ya.. i even went upstairs to have a look at the house next morning… and she is right… there is no one there >.< the house is empty… full of dust as if it's been empty for years… huhuhuhu

    how abou the houses next to it?

  9. ehehehheheh…normal la…my hometown house have also…see ‘it’ since young already…now my hostel also have…got lock inside toilet when the inside and outside lock is unlock…but that happened when we newly moved in…now no more loo…however sometimes still have weird thing happens but we dun care…=D

    Fuwahhh don’t care..
    you guys the win XD

  10. walao! monkeyhao’s experience is creepy like hell!

    lol u tell ur readers u don wanna know. but also got some share in the comments.

    Yealo.. T3T now my hairs all stand up d

  11. sometimes i see cat-like shadows at my office when i’m alone…
    hold a sec… i’m alone right now!

    Jeng Jeng jeng!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go home now!!!

  12. I was living in a Condo which…happened a lot of commit suicide case.
    i heard about almost 8 cases, jump from high storeys, hang on ceiling fans and so on… . my bro’s friend (he is in Ground floor0 even encounter a person jump from top floor and smashed to floor like … >.< (final destination movie like tat) …he fainted after that..

    well, i din encounter anything yet. choi! luckily i'd moved out =D

    Eeek!! sounds like the one in Wangsamaju @@

  13. ..I saw a ghost via Skype. Ghost of a kid, but only the feet. And it was in a cute way, not scary way -.-

    Huh?! why not scary?
    reading this alone is already creepy

  14. “1st case: A fella attempted to climb back to his room (18th floor) because he forgot his key, and accidentally fall down…
    2nd case: A Indian girl committed suicide by jumping from the same building of the 1st case because of love problem. Wore in RED..
    3rd case: A guy committed suicide because of stress.. Drown in sea..”

    these 3 cases like wht my colleague told me happened in a uni in melaka….go figure…

    MMU 😀
    the first one happened to be my housemate’s friend and went to my house a week ago complaining bout this weird scratches on his body.. @@

  15. hahaha nice one. you really got me in the end.
    and what happened to monkeyhao to much too spooky.
    btw, if you’re really interested in ghost stories, go to spookycorner.com. lotsa nice stories there 😉

    Don’t wanttt
    XD not interested ler..

  16. creeeppyyy…!

    i live in hostel 7 years ago
    one day in my dorm, there’s a double decker moving
    katil bawah kosong, and i thought it’s just my senior sleeping dengan ganasnya di katil atas.
    turned out the next day, there’s no one sleeping on the bed. my senior sleep in his friend’s dorm. ouuuuhhh..

    u studied at mmu? i’m studying in uitm melaka. city campus. ^^

    reallly admire & loveee ur blog!

    OMG!!!! that’s sssooo creepy!!
    did you guys move out or not?
    yep, i was in MMU melaka last time 🙂
    thanks lot for liking it~~~ do support and spread around ya 😛

  17. wondering.. were u staying at house near the artificial waterfall, bkt beruang?

    huhuhu.. been heard that house is haunted.. @_@

    now the house is a korean shop.
    Still very creepy but the shop survives the longest among the rest of the previous tenants

  18. wa miao, can put warning that its a scary blogpost next time? *very timid girl here T.T*

    im reading this at 11+pm T____________T

    *and its the 7th mth here in SG* T____________________T

    Eeek!!!! sorrrryyy..
    next time i will put big big warning 🙂

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