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Come and Help Miao find the Kitty Cat

Come help Miao&WafuPafu find their mising little kitty cat in the image below.

Hey guys, its Friday!!!! Wooohoo!!!

If you’re outside enjoying right now and not reading this post, that’s great!

If you’re not and you’re here, then have no worries, I have a game for you to keep you entertained!

Just search for a kitty cat from the picture above 🙂

Give me a Paw5 if you found it. Oh, don’t spit the answer yet, let others try it themselves ^^

Happy Playing and Happy Weekend!!


Miao’s Best Bed Time

Wanted to wake up early to draw and blog but ended up…zzz

Somehow the bed tends to be very comfortable to the max in the morning XD

Paw5!!  if you agree 😛


Miao is Back

Hey guys~~ I’m back! Anyone misses me? 😛 LOL

Anyway, stay tune for my posts in Singapore k!! 😀

* off to work first T_________T *

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