Sorry, Mama

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Sorry Mama cockroach, I had you and your unborn children killed.

The other morning, I was having my morning shower and this mama cockroach (with an egg hanging behind) came in from the outside tru the uncovered pipe. At first, I tried to ignore it but it climbed higher and higher on the wall. I got scared (scared it will fly) and grabbed the water hose next to me and hosed it down with water, trying to flush it back to the pipe.

Then, some how the Mama got flipped over and had her back stuck to the floor. I quickly closed the bathroom door and ran away with my tail in between.

And when I came back from work that evening, the Mama cockroach was already dead. I never intend to kill it. huhuhu..

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  1. the question is…. where are the eggs?

    it was crushed when I saw the dead body..
    Positive thinking: It was crushed by my housemate
    Negative thinking: it hatched =.=

  2. Oh! She came into your toilet the same way Sen popped into mine!

    You killed her! Sen will not be happy to hear this! D:

    They are cousins??
    oh wait! could it be Sen’s mistress???? jeng jeng jeng

  3. at least you have the courage to do that.
    cockroach in bathroom is very scary.
    makes people like me cut some time on doing business XD

    Cockroach in bathroom is scary but if they fly around in bathroom fuwahhhh can die XD

  4. ahhh :O!! mmhhh when you put it this way, its kinda sad to kill cockroach 🙁 they were only trying to live.. even though this kind of way will get them killed, but at least the effort’s there ;( awwww. <//3

    That’s why i try not to kill beside for self defence and food. 😛

  5. that’s normal reaction…i’ll do the same if i were you…but i’ll use ridsect rather than water…RIP faster…i them i’ll panic and spray half of the bottle…so i need someone to stop me…XD

    i teach another way, put a lighter in front and spray some fire XD

  6. Wow, you are so kind…I will definitely intend to kill all cockroaches that I see! (except that I don’t dare :s )

    me too @@
    imagine the green stuffs come out after you smash it..

  7. Miao, I believe you should buy Pest-Stop professional.. Simply plug it in your home, and you don’t have to worry about bugs/lizards/rats.. (I have no idea who has rats in their house this days).. 🙂

    WafuPafu are rodents rats too … later it makes them go away~~

  8. huhuhu miao… good thing you see that roach is dead…. what if you see the egg hatch in front of you?? lol sure you go seal your door after that lol… and yes… 1 egg = 50 little roaches >.<

    It will be doom’s day for my house @@

  9. I use to be like you… but now… i just put Tat Sing heaaavy slipper inside my bathroom… for the sake of killing them… lolz… masuk bilik mandi… wear it… they come out… crush themmmm… 😛

  10. Yeah.. I have the same feelings like u.. I don’t have the intention to kill it.. I just use water to spray it away.. and cover back the hole… sometimes i much guilty too… sighs!!

    Same here T3T

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